Phantom Trailer

Phantom Trailer (2013)

"You will never see it coming." 03 January 2013 Thriller 99 mins

The haunted Captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. Forced to leave his family behind, he is charged with leading a covert mission cloaked in mystery.

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Ricardo Costa Reis

Ricardo Costa Reis Executive Producer

Rui Costa Reis

Rui Costa Reis Executive Producer

Alex Daltas

Alex Daltas Producer

Eliad Josephson

Eliad Josephson Executive Producer

Todd Robinson

Todd Robinson Executive Producer

John Watson

John Watson Producer

Scott Putman

Scott Putman Additional Photography

International Titles

Phantom - A Última Missão Trailer

A la poursuite du phantom Trailer

Phantom - Il nemico è tra noi Trailer

ファントム/開戦前夜 Trailer

팬텀 - 라스트 커맨더 Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 16 May 2013

Australia 07 August 2013

Bulgaria 03 January 2013

Bahrain 16 May 2013

Brazil 01 March 2013

United Kingdom 18 August 2013

Greece 07 November 2013

Korea 04 July 2013

Kuwait 16 May 2013

Oman 04 July 2013

Portugal 01 August 2013

Qatar 04 July 2013

Sweden 06 November 2013

United States 01 March 2013

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