Rock Oo! Trailer

Rock Oo! Trailer (2013)

""RIMBA BARA" is Back [Rimba Bara Kembali]" 27 February 2013 Comedy, Music 93 mins

The sequel to Rock (2005) follows six years after the band Rimba Bara disbanded. They reunite once again because of Amy Mat Piah (Que Haidar) with a renewed determination to be the top rock band in Malaysia no matter how hard the journey.

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Que Haidar

as Amy Mat Piah

Khir Rahman

as Jijo Alfonso Pareira Abdullah

Sofi Jikan

as Zul Kapan

Pekin Ibrahim

as Slash Haji Tapah

Azmi Black

as Mj Black


International Titles

Rock Oo Trailer

Rock Oo - Rimba Bara Kembali Trailer

Rock Oo Rimba Bara Kembali Trailer

International Releases Dates

Malaysia 27 February 2013

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Official Trailer "Rock Oo (Rimba Bara Kembali)" | In cinemas 28 Feb 2013

DI PAWAGAM 28 FEB 2013 Kesinambungan kisah kumpulan rock RIMBA BARA tanpa haluan setelah pemain gitar utama mereka Zek tarik diri di saat-saat akhir ketika mereka sedang merakamkan album

Teaser Trailer | Rock Oo | In cinemas 28 February 2013

Rock Oo! full hd movie trailer.

Rock Oo! (Rimba Bara Kembali) 2013 - First Look Trailer

Rock Oo! full hd movie trailer.

Rock Oo 2013 Promo

Rock Oo 2013 Movie Promo


Arahan Mamat Khalid. Lakonan Mantap Que Haidar Khir Rahman Pekin Soffi Jikan dan Ramai Lagi DI PAWAGAM 28 FEB 2013.

Rock Oo! | Teaser Trailer #1 | In cinemas 28 February 2013

Rock Oo di pawagam 2013. Filem ROCK Oo! merupakan kesinambungan Rock (2005) yang memaparkan kisah kehidupan kumpulan Rimba Bara yang

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