Big Hero 6 Trailer

Big Hero 6 Trailer (2014)

"From the creators of Wreck-it Ralph and Frozen" 24 October 2014 Adventure, Animated, Action 102 mins

The special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.

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Scott Adsit

as Baymax (voice)

Ryan Potter

as Hiro Hamada (voice)

Daniel Henney

as Tadashi Hamada (voice)

T.J. Miller

as Fred (voice)

Jamie Chung

as GoGo Tomago (voice)

Damon Wayans Jr.

as Wasabi (voice)

Génesis Rodríguez

as Honey Lemon (voice)

James Cromwell

as Professor Robert Callaghan (voice)

Alan Tudyk

as Alistair Krei (voice)

Maya Rudolph

as Aunt Cass (voice)

Abraham Benrubi

as General (voice)

Katie Lowes

as Abigail (voice)

Billy Bush

as Newscaster (voice)


as Desk Sergeant (voice)

Paul Briggs

as Yama (voice)

Charlie Adler

as Yokai (voice)


Mark Henley

Mark Henley Cinematography

Don Hall


John Lasseter

John Lasseter Executive Producer

Roy Conli

Roy Conli Producer

Jang Chol Lee

Jang Chol Lee Visual Development

Kristina Reed

Kristina Reed Co-Producer

Duncan Rouleau

Duncan Rouleau Characters

Bradford Simonsen

Bradford Simonsen Associate Producer

Henry Jackman

Original Music Composer

International Titles

Grandes Héroes Trailer

6 Böyük Qehreman Trailer

Героичната шесторка Trailer

Operação Big Hero Trailer

6 kangelast Trailer

Les Nouveaux Héros Trailer

Οι Υπερέξι Trailer

大英雄联盟 Trailer

Hős6os Trailer

6 Giborim Trailer

۶ قهرمان بزرگ Trailer

شش قهرمان بزرگ Trailer

ベイマックス Trailer

Grandes héroes Trailer

Wielka szóstka Trailer

Big Hero 6 - Os Novos Heróis Trailer

Veličastnih 6 Trailer

Velicastnih 6 Trailer

大英雄天團 Trailer

Big Hero Six Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 30 October 2014

Argentina 03 December 2014

Austria 28 January 2015

Australia 25 December 2014

Azerbaijan 24 October 2014

Belgium 10 February 2015

Bulgaria 22 January 2015

Brazil 25 December 2014

Belarus 24 October 2014

Canada 06 November 2014

China 28 February 2015

Colombia 24 December 2014

Cyprus 06 November 2014

Czech Republic 19 November 2014

Germany 11 June 2015

Denmark 04 February 2015

Dominican Republic 05 November 2014

Estonia 22 January 2015

Spain 18 December 2014

Finland 29 January 2015

France 11 February 2015

United Kingdom 30 January 2015

Greece 06 November 2014

Croatia 05 November 2014

Hungary 07 January 2015

Indonesia 07 November 2014

Ireland 29 January 2015

Iraq 05 November 2014

Italy 18 December 2014

Kenya 04 December 2014

Cambodia 12 November 2014

Korea 21 January 2015

Kuwait 05 November 2014

Kazakhstan 24 October 2014

Lebanon 05 November 2014

Mexico 05 November 2014

Malaysia 12 November 2014

Netherlands 11 February 2015

Norway 29 January 2015

New Zealand 24 December 2014

Peru 05 November 2014

Philippines 04 November 2014

Poland 27 November 2014

Portugal 18 December 2014

Romania 22 January 2015

Russia 25 October 2014

Sweden 29 January 2015

Singapore 12 November 2014

Slovenia 15 January 2015

Slovakia 21 January 2015

Thailand 03 December 2014

Turkey 08 January 2015

Taiwan 30 December 2014

Ukraine 24 October 2014

United States 07 November 2014

Viet Nam 06 November 2014

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BAYMAX - HD Trailer (German | Deutsch) | BIG HERO 6 2015

Baymax - Riesiges Robowabohu Trailer (German OT: Big Hero 6 ) / Kinostart: Baymax – Riesiges Robowabohu (OT: Big Hero 6) ist ein Animationsfilm aus dem Hause

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