Placebo Trailer

Placebo Trailer (2014)

19 November 2014 Factual 96 mins

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is one of the toughest med schools in the world (with an acceptance rate of less than 0.1%). After a student gets involved in a violent accident on campus, a film maker goes undercover at AIIMS to investigate the rising incidents of violence amongst the best minds of the nation. Four med students agree to be filmed for a year as part of this observational experiment. Through their personal journeys within these celebrated hallways of excellence- we enter a ruthless world of ambition and competition, where only the toughest can survive. Those who pass through must battle monsters- both within and without.

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Netherlands 19 November 2014

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Placebo full hd movie trailer.

Placebo Trailer

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"Placebo" is a short film directed by 1820 Productions' Daniel Piatt. Synopsis: In the wake of a clinical trial gone wrong two members of the control group find themselves fighting for


PLACEBO - MTV UNPLUGGED (OFFICIAL TRAILER) Super Deluxe Box / DVD / Blu-Ray / Double Picture Disc Vinyl / Double Vinyl / CD / Digital Download #

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