The Giver Trailer

The Giver Trailer (2014)

"Search for truth. Find freedom." 11 August 2014 Drama, Sci-Fi 94 mins

In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the "real" world.

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Jeff Bridges

as The Giver

Meryl Streep

as Chief Elder

Odeya Rush

as Fiona

Alexander Skarsgård

as Jonas's father

Katie Holmes

as Jonas' mother

Taylor Swift

as Rosemary

Katharina Damm

as Nurturer

Alexander Jillings

as Gabriel 12 Months

James Jillings

as Gabriel 12 Months

Jordan Nicholas Smal

as Gabriel 3 Months

Saige Fernandes

as Gabriel 6 Months


Janine van Assen

Janine van Assen Line Producer

Scooter Braun

Scooter Braun Executive Producer

Alison Owen

Alison Owen Executive Producer

Dylan Sellers

Dylan Sellers Executive Producer

Ralph Winter

Ralph Winter Executive Producer

Marco Beltrami

Original Music Composer

Ross Emery

Ross Emery Director of Photography

International Titles

El dador de recuerdos Trailer

Пазителят Trailer

O Doador de Memórias Trailer

Le Passeur Trailer

记忆传输人 Trailer

施予者 Trailer

The Giver - Le passeur Trailer

Ο Φύλακας Της Μνήμης Trailer

Siuntėjas Trailer

Посвящённый Trailer

Посвященный Trailer

記憶傳授人 Trailer

記憶傳承人:極樂謊言 Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 17 September 2014

Argentina 17 September 2014

Austria 02 October 2014

Australia 10 September 2014

Bulgaria 04 September 2014

Brazil 11 September 2014

Canada 14 August 2014

Chile 24 September 2014

Colombia 24 September 2014

Czech Republic 10 September 2014

Germany 02 October 2014

Estonia 21 August 2014

France 29 October 2014

United Kingdom 18 September 2014

Greece 09 October 2014

Croatia 03 September 2014

Hungary 10 September 2014

Israel 13 August 2014

India 14 August 2014

Iraq 17 September 2014

Iceland 26 August 2014

Italy 11 September 2014

Korea 19 August 2014

Kuwait 17 September 2014

Kazakhstan 20 August 2014

Lebanon 17 September 2014

Lithuania 11 September 2014

Latvia 28 August 2014

Malaysia 03 September 2014

New Zealand 10 September 2014

Peru 24 September 2014

Papua New Guinea 20 August 2014

Philippines 26 August 2014

Pakistan 21 August 2014

Poland 21 August 2014

Portugal 10 September 2014

Paraguay 09 October 2014

Romania 04 September 2014

Sweden 08 May 2015

Singapore 20 August 2014

Slovakia 10 September 2014

Trinidad and Tobago 26 August 2014

Taiwan 28 August 2014

Ukraine 26 August 2014

United States 11 August 2014

Viet Nam 09 October 2014

South Africa 11 September 2014

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