The Hundred-Foot Journey Trailer

The Hundred-Foot Journey Trailer (2014)

"Life's greatest journey begins with the first step." 06 August 2014 Drama 122 mins

A story centered around an Indian family who moves to France and opens a restaurant across the street from a Michelin-starred French restaurant.

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Helen Mirren

as Madam Mallory

Manish Dayal

as Hassan

Om Puri

as Papa

Charlotte Le Bon

as Marguerite

Rohan Chand

as Young Hassan

Dillon Mitra

as Mukthar Kadam

Jean Kinsell

as French Critic

Amit Shah

as Mansur

Aria Pandya

as Aisha

Clément Sibony

as Jean-Pierre

Alban Aumard

as Marcel

Shuna Lemoine

as Mayor's Wife

International Titles

A 100 Passos de Um Sonho Trailer

Un viaje de diez metros Trailer

米芝蓮摘星奇緣 Trailer

Madame Mallory e il piccolo chef indiano Trailer

Šimto žingsnių kelionė Trailer

美味不設限 Trailer

From Bombay to Paris: The Hundred-Foot Journey Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 27 August 2014

Albania 03 September 2014

Argentina 06 August 2014

Austria 21 August 2014

Australia 13 August 2014

Azerbaijan 10 September 2014

Belgium 09 September 2014

Bulgaria 21 August 2014

Brazil 29 August 2014

Canada 07 August 2014

Switzerland 11 August 2014

Chile 13 August 2014

Czech Republic 03 September 2014

Germany 21 August 2014

Denmark 10 September 2014

Estonia 08 August 2014

Finland 28 August 2014

France 10 September 2014

United Kingdom 04 September 2014

Hong Kong 20 August 2014

Croatia 03 September 2014

Hungary 13 August 2014

Ireland 04 September 2014

Israel 06 August 2014

Iraq 27 August 2014

Italy 09 October 2014

Kenya 21 August 2014

Kuwait 27 August 2014

Kazakhstan 10 September 2014

Lebanon 27 August 2014

Lithuania 21 August 2014

Luxembourg 09 September 2014

Latvia 14 August 2014

Macedonia 03 September 2014

Malaysia 27 August 2014

Netherlands 08 October 2014

Norway 03 October 2014

New Zealand 13 August 2014

Peru 10 September 2014

Pakistan 21 August 2014

Poland 07 August 2014

Portugal 13 August 2014

Romania 14 August 2014

Sweden 12 September 2014

Singapore 27 August 2014

Thailand 13 November 2014

Taiwan 24 October 2014

Ukraine 11 September 2014

United States 08 August 2014

Viet Nam 18 September 2014

South Africa 21 August 2014

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The Hundred-Foot Journey full hd movie trailer.

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