A Dramatic Night Trailer

A Dramatic Night Trailer (2015)

03 December 2015 Comedy, Romance 107 mins

Jung-Hoon (Yoon Kye-Sang) meetsSi-Hoo (Han Ye-Ri) at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Both Jung-Hoon and Si-Hoo were dumped in relationships. After they drink together, they end sleeping together. To get over their exes, Jung-Hoon and Si-Hoo decide to meet 9 more times. After that, they promise to never see other again.

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Han Ye-Ri

as Jung, Si-Hoo

Yoon Kye-sang

as Yoo, Jung-Hoon


Ha Gi-ho


International Releases Dates

Korea 03 December 2015

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A Dramatic Night 2015 movie

A Dramatic Night full hd movie trailer.

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극적인 하룻밤 (A Dramatic Night 2015) trailer

Love Guide for Dumpees (2015) A Dramatic Night is a comedy and erotic Korean film has fun tragedy love hate hopeless and hopeful. Music track: Keep It Real by Audionautix is

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