Mahabalipuram Trailer

Mahabalipuram Trailer (2015)

13 March 2015 Thriller

The life of Panja, an orphan and a sculptor, revolves around Sathish, Othavada, Kuppan and Sammy, all of whom reside in Mahabalipuram and are close to each other. The only other person Panja considers himself close is Durai, a politician and criminal, who saved him from death when he was a boy. Panja shows his gratitude to Durai by occasionally helping him with his anti-social activities. When Sathish (played by Vetri) chooses to marry the love of his life, Sangeetha (played by Angana), much against the wishes of their parents, his four friends help him do so. Life is pleasant for a while with Panja too falling in love with Mahalakshmi (played by Virthika) a college student who moves into the area. However, their lives take a tumultuous turn when the friends chance upon a sleaze video which shocks them out of their wits and results in the death of the newly wed couple. Soon, more dark deeds and disturbing developments follow...

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