Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Trailer

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Trailer (2015)

"You can't save them. All you can do is watch." 21 October 2015 Horror, Thriller 88 mins

Using a special camera that can see spirits, a family must protect their daughter from an evil entity with a sinister plan.

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Jason Blum

Jason Blum Producer

Oren Peli

Oren Peli Characters

Oren Peli

Oren Peli Original Story

Oren Peli

Oren Peli Producer

Darren Griffiths

Darren Griffiths Conceptual Design

Nathan Amondson

Nathan Amondson Production Design

John W. Rutland

John W. Rutland Director of Photography

International Titles

Paranormal Activity 6 - The Ghost Dimension - UR Trailer

Paranormal Activity 6 - The Ghost Dimension Trailer

Paranormal Activity - Jiný rozměr Trailer

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension Trailer

Paranormal Activity - Dimensión fantasma Trailer

Paranormal Activity 5 Trailer

Paranormal Activity: Dimensión fantasma Trailer

Actividad Paranormal: La Dimensión Fantasma Trailer

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension Trailer

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Trailer

Paranormal Activity 6: Inny wymiar Trailer

Паранормальное явление 5: Призраки в 3D Trailer

Паранормальное явление 6: Призраки в 3D Trailer

Paranormal Activity 5 Trailer

Paranormal Activity 6 Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 22 October 2015

Argentina 05 November 2015

Austria 22 October 2015

Australia 22 October 2015

Azerbaijan 22 October 2015

Belgium 28 October 2015

Brazil 22 October 2015

Belarus 22 October 2015

Canada 23 October 2015

Switzerland 21 October 2015

Chile 22 October 2015

Colombia 22 October 2015

Czech Republic 22 October 2015

Germany 22 October 2015

Denmark 22 October 2015

Egypt 21 October 2015

Spain 23 October 2015

Finland 23 October 2015

France 21 October 2015

United Kingdom 23 October 2015

Croatia 22 October 2015

Indonesia 21 October 2015

Ireland 23 October 2015

Israel 29 October 2015

Cambodia 29 October 2015

Kazakhstan 22 October 2015

Lebanon 22 October 2015

Lithuania 23 October 2015

Mexico 22 October 2015

Malaysia 22 October 2015

Netherlands 22 October 2015

Norway 23 October 2015

New Zealand 22 October 2015

Panama 29 October 2015

Peru 22 October 2015

Philippines 21 October 2015

Poland 30 October 2015

Russia 22 October 2015

Sweden 23 October 2015

Singapore 29 October 2015

Turkey 23 October 2015

Ukraine 22 October 2015

United States 23 October 2015

Venezuela 23 October 2015

South Africa 23 October 2015

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