Pixels Trailer

Pixels Trailer (2015)

"Game On." 16 July 2015 Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi 105 mins

Video game experts are recruited by the military to fight 1980s-era video game characters who've attacked New York.

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Adam Sandler

as Sam Brenner

Michelle Monaghan

as Violet Van Patten

Peter Dinklage

as Eddie Plant

Josh Gad

as Ludlow Lamonsoff

Kevin James

as President Will Cooper

Ashley Benson

as Lady Lisa

Sean Bean

as Corporal Hill (SAS Officer)

Jane Krakowski

as Première Dame

Jane Krakowski

as Carolyn Cooper

Brian Cox

as Admiral Porter

Brian Cox

as Amiral Porter

Dan Aykroyd

as 1982 Championship MC


Johnny Alves

Johnny Alves Executive Producer

Barry Bernardi

Barry Bernardi Executive Producer

Matias Boucard

Matias Boucard Executive Producer

Benjamin Darras

Benjamin Darras Executive Producer

Jack Giarraputo

Jack Giarraputo Executive Producer

Seth Gordon

Seth Gordon Executive Producer

Kevin Grady

Kevin Grady Co-Producer

International Titles

Pixels Trailer

Pixels - O Filme Trailer

Pixels: O Filme Trailer

天煞:像素之战 Trailer

屈机起格命 Trailer

世界大对战 Trailer

像素入侵 Trailer

Pixels Trailer

Pixels Trailer

屈機起格命 Trailer

Pixel Trailer

پیکسل ها Trailer

Pikseliai Trailer

Pikseli Trailer

Pixeles Trailer

Piksele Trailer

Pikseli Trailer

P1cs3ly Trailer

Пиксели Trailer

Pixels (2015) Trailer

世界大對戰 Trailer

Pixels 3D Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 23 July 2015

Argentina 23 July 2015

Austria 31 July 2015

Australia 30 July 2015

Belgium 29 July 2015

Bulgaria 24 July 2015

Bahrain 23 July 2015

Bolivia 23 July 2015

Brazil 23 July 2015

Canada 24 July 2015

Chile 23 July 2015

China 15 September 2015

Colombia 30 July 2015

Cyprus 21 August 2015

Czech Republic 20 August 2015

Germany 30 July 2015

Denmark 23 July 2015

Dominican Republic 23 July 2015

Ecuador 24 July 2015

Estonia 24 July 2015

Egypt 23 July 2015

Spain 24 July 2015

Ethiopia 24 July 2015

Finland 07 August 2015

France 22 July 2015

United Kingdom 07 August 2015

Greece 30 July 2015

Hong Kong 23 July 2015

Croatia 20 August 2015

Hungary 30 July 2015

Indonesia 24 July 2015

Ireland 12 August 2015

Israel 23 July 2015

India 07 August 2015

Iraq 23 July 2015

Iceland 24 July 2015

Italy 29 July 2015

Jamaica 22 July 2015

Jordan 23 July 2015

Kenya 31 July 2015

Cambodia 30 July 2015

Korea 16 July 2015

Kuwait 20 August 2015

Kazakhstan 23 July 2015

Lebanon 23 July 2015

Lithuania 24 July 2015

Latvia 31 July 2015

Macedonia 23 July 2015

Mexico 30 July 2015

Malaysia 23 July 2015

Nigeria 31 July 2015

Netherlands 20 August 2015

Norway 24 July 2015

New Zealand 03 September 2015

Oman 23 July 2015

Peru 30 July 2015

Philippines 26 August 2015

Pakistan 24 July 2015

Poland 24 July 2015

Portugal 30 July 2015

Qatar 23 July 2015

Romania 24 July 2015

Serbia 23 July 2015

Russia 23 July 2015

Sweden 12 August 2015

Singapore 13 August 2015

Slovakia 13 August 2015

Syrian Arab Republic 23 July 2015

Thailand 20 August 2015

Turkey 14 August 2015

Taiwan 24 July 2015

Ukraine 23 July 2015

United States 24 July 2015

Uruguay 23 July 2015

Venezuela 24 July 2015

Viet Nam 24 July 2015

South Africa 24 July 2015

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