Point Break Trailer

Point Break Trailer (2015)

"The only law that matters is gravity" 03 December 2015 Action, Thriller, Crime 114 mins

A young undercover FBI agent infiltrates a gang of thieves who share a common interest in extreme sports. A remake of the 1991 film, "Point Break".

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Sallie Jaye

Sallie Jaye Hair Designer

Udo Kramer

Udo Kramer Production Design

Lisy Christl

Lisy Christl Costume Design

Kurt Wimmer

Kurt Wimmer Producer

Christopher Assells

Christopher Assells Sound Effects Editor

Ericson Core

Ericson Core Director of Photography

Heike Merker

Heike Merker Hair Department Head

International Titles

Punto de Quiebre: Sin Límites Trailer

Caçadores de Emoção Trailer

Point Break 3D Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 24 December 2015

Argentina 14 January 2016

Australia 01 January 2016

Azerbaijan 14 January 2016

Belgium 06 January 2016

Bulgaria 01 January 2016

Bolivia 14 January 2016

Brazil 15 January 2016

Belarus 24 December 2015

Canada 25 December 2015

Switzerland 03 February 2016

Chile 14 January 2016

China 03 December 2015

Colombia 07 January 2016

Czech Republic 31 December 2015

Germany 21 January 2016

Denmark 25 December 2015

Estonia 08 January 2016

Spain 01 January 2016

Finland 25 December 2015

France 03 February 2016

United Kingdom 13 June 2016

Greece 24 December 2015

Hong Kong 25 December 2015

Croatia 24 December 2015

Hungary 21 January 2016

Indonesia 03 December 2015

Israel 24 December 2015

Italy 27 January 2016

Cambodia 25 December 2015

Korea 07 January 2016

Kazakhstan 24 December 2015

Lebanon 04 February 2016

Lithuania 25 December 2015

Latvia 25 December 2015

Mexico 14 January 2016

Malaysia 24 December 2015

Netherlands 07 January 2016

Norway 25 December 2015

New Zealand 01 January 2016

Panama 07 January 2016

Peru 07 January 2016

Philippines 03 December 2015

Pakistan 01 January 2016

Puerto Rico 30 December 2015

Portugal 07 January 2016

Romania 25 December 2015

Russia 24 December 2015

Sweden 06 January 2016

Singapore 24 December 2015

Thailand 24 December 2015

Turkey 25 December 2015

Taiwan 25 December 2015

Ukraine 24 December 2015

United States 25 December 2015

Uruguay 14 January 2016

Venezuela 08 January 2016

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