Puaka Balai Gombak Trailer

Puaka Balai Gombak Trailer (2015)

29 January 2015 Horror 78 mins

After failing to discover supernatural beings and spirits in famous haunted locations that are known for their local horror stories, a group of paranormal researchers gives up on the existence of such spiritual beings, until they discover an abandoned police station in Gombak.

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Malaysia 29 January 2015

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Puaka Balai Gombak (Official Trailer)

Puaka Balai Gombak (Official Trailer) Di Pawagam 29 January 2015.

Puaka Balai Gombak 30 Sec trailer

Puaka Balai Gombak full hd movie trailer.

Rakaman - Filem Puaka Balai Gombak Di Pawagam 29 Januari 2015 Puaka X Di Riviera II

Puaka Balai Gombak full hd movie trailer.

Tellygeram - Mengupas Filem - Puaka Balai Gombak

Filem seram mengisah sekumpulan hantu seeker Click to subscribe to our Youtube Channel Follow us

Rakaman - Filem Puaka Balai Gombak Di Pawagam 29 Januari 2015 Puaka X Di Taman Tenaga Puchong

Puaka Balai Gombak full hd movie trailer.

Kajian Paranormal Bersama Puaka X (Puaka Balai Gombak)

Joint task PAGparanormal Wujud Paranormal Team Syai & Amir Seekers .. Mangsa : Puaka X Tekan 1:11:16 untuk pengakuan mereka RAKAMAN VIDEO INI TIADA KAITAN DENGAN FILEM PUAKA

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