A Silent Voice Trailer

A Silent Voice Trailer (2016)

17 September 2016 Animated, Drama, Romance 130 mins

Shouya Ishida starts bullying the new girl in class, Shouko Nishimiya, because she is deaf. But as the teasing continues, the rest of the class starts to turn on Shouya for his lack of compassion. When they leave elementary school, Shouko and Shouya do not speak to each other again... until an older, wiser Shouya, tormented by his past behaviour, decides he must see Shouko once more. He wants to atone for his sins, but is it already too late...?

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Miyu Irino

as Shouya Ishida (voice)

Miyu Irino

as Shouya Ishida

Saori Hayami

as Shouko Nishimiya (voice)

Saori Hayami

as Shouko Nishimiya

Aoi Yuki

as Yuzuru Nishimiya (voice)

Kensho Ono

as Tomohiro Nagatsuka (voice)

Aoi Yuki

as Yuzuru Nishiya

Yuki Kaneko

as Naoka Ueno (voice)

Kensho Ono

as Tomohiro Nagatsu

Yuki Kaneko

as Naoka Ueno

Yui Ishikawa

as Miyoko Sahara (voice)

Yui Ishikawa

as Miyoko Sahara

Megumi Han

as Miki Kawai (voice)

Megumi Han

as Miki Kawai

Toshiyuki Toyonaga

as Toshi Mashibasa (voice)

Toshiyuki Toyonaga

as Toshi Mashibasa


Yota Tsuruoka

Yota Tsuruoka Sound Director

Yoshitoki Ooima

Yoshitoki Ooima Original Story

Naomi Ishida

Naomi Ishida Color Designer

Mutsuo Shinohara

Mutsuo Shinohara Art Direction

Takao Kazuya

Takao Kazuya Director of Photography

Kensuke Ushio

Original Music Composer

Naoko Yamada

Naoko Yamada Storyboard Designer

Takuya Yamamura

Takuya Yamamura Storyboard Designer

Futoshi Nishiya

Futoshi Nishiya Character Designer

International Titles

声之形 Trailer

Eiga Koe no Katachi Trailer

Koe no Katachi Trailer

聲之形 Trailer

Eiga Koe no Katachi Trailer

Koe no katachi Trailer

The Shape of Voice Trailer

映画 聲の形 Trailer

Uma Voz Silenciosa Trailer

聲之形 Trailer

The Shape of Voice Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 06 April 2017

China 08 September 2017

Germany 26 September 2017

Spain 16 March 2018

France 22 August 2018

United Kingdom 30 October 2017

Hong Kong 06 April 2017

Ireland 15 March 2017

Cambodia 31 March 2017

Korea 09 May 2017

New Zealand 16 April 2017

Portugal 15 March 2018

Sweden 04 June 2018

Singapore 09 March 2017

Thailand 23 March 2017

United States 20 October 2017

Production Companies

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