Arrival Trailer

Arrival Trailer (2016)

"Why are they here?" 10 November 2016 Drama, Sci-Fi 113 mins

Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.

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Amy Adams

as Dr. Louise Banks

Jeremy Renner

as Ian Donnelly

Forest Whitaker

as Colonel Weber

Michael Stuhlbarg

as Agent Halpern

Tzi Ma

as General Shang

Mark O'Brien

as Captain Marks

Julia Scarlett Dan

as Hannah (12 yrs. old)

Abigail Pniowsky

as Hannah (8 yrs. old)

Jadyn Malone

as Hannah (6 yrs. old)

Carmela Nozza Guizzo

as Hannah (4 yrs. old)

Andrew Shaver

as Environmental Tech

Shawn Campbell

as News Reporter

Larry Day

as Deputy Director of the CIA Dan Ryder

Pat Kiely

as Environmental Tech


Ted Chiang

Ted Chiang Short Story

Hans Bjerno

Hans Bjerno Aerial Director of Photography

Bruce Winant

Bruce Winant ADR Voice Casting

Dann Fink

Dann Fink ADR Voice Casting

Viriya Say

Viriya Say Seamstress

Mario Davignon

Mario Davignon Costume Supervisor

Isabelle Faivre-Duboz

Isabelle Faivre-Duboz Script Supervisor

Peter Wilke

Peter Wilke Steadicam Operator

Shaun Nagorny

Shaun Nagorny Rigging Grip

Maude Turcot

Maude Turcot Rigging Grip

Christian Lalonde

Christian Lalonde Rigging Grip

Daniel Sauvé

Daniel Sauvé Additional Camera

Pierre Gill

Pierre Gill Additional Camera

Marieke Séguin

Marieke Séguin Rigging Grip

International Titles

A Chegada Trailer

الوافد Trailer

天煞異降 Trailer

Arrival Trailer

メッセージ Trailer

컨택트 Trailer

La Llegada Trailer

Story of Your Life Trailer

Cuộc đổ bộ bí ẩn Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 10 November 2016

Brazil 24 November 2016

Canada 11 November 2016

Switzerland 07 December 2016

Germany 24 November 2016

Denmark 10 November 2016

Spain 18 November 2016

France 07 December 2016

United Kingdom 20 March 2017

Greece 08 December 2016

Hungary 10 November 2016

Israel 10 November 2016

India 16 November 2016

Italy 19 January 2017

Korea 02 February 2017

Netherlands 10 November 2016

New Zealand 10 November 2016

Poland 11 November 2016

Portugal 10 November 2016

Ukraine 10 November 2016

United States 14 February 2017

Viet Nam 06 January 2017

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