Frau Pfarrer & Herr Priester Trailer

Frau Pfarrer & Herr Priester Trailer (2016)

18 March 2016 Drama, Comedy, TV Movie

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Birge Schade

as Rieke Schmidt

Martin Gruber

as Toni Seidl

Erwin Steinhauer

as Gregor Häusler

Jasmin Rischar

as Petra Keller

Siegfried Terpoorten

as Frank Keller

Alexandra Martini

as Leonie Schmidt

Llewellyn Reichman

as Jessica Keller

Rainer Piwek

as Heiner Stadler

Thomas Ohrner

as Bernd Lindner

Jörg Witte

as Dr. Markus Zarte

Monika John

as Frau Hartinger

Sabine Bach

as Frau Häusler

Lilly Forgách

as Sachbearbeiterin Riedl

Samir Fuchs

as Imam Abu Hammad

Martin Walch

as Kirchenrat Berger

Andrea Sihler

as Kirchenrätin Ruppert

International Releases Dates

Germany 18 March 2016

Production Companies

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Frau Pfarrer & Herr Priester * 2016

"Frau Pfarrer & Herr Priester" EHR: Petra Keller Regie: Sebastian Sorger.

Szene aus dem Film "Frau Pfarrer & Herr Priester"

Frau Pfarrer & Herr Priester full hd movie trailer.

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Frau Pfarrer & Herr Priester full hd movie trailer.

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