Montedoro Trailer

Montedoro Trailer (2016)

15 April 2016 Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

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Adriana Bruno

Adriana Bruno Executive Producer

Ram Devineni

Ram Devineni Co-Producer

Salvatore Laurenzana

Salvatore Laurenzana Assistant Director

International Releases Dates

Italy 15 April 2016

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Montedoro Trailer

Festival de cine de Bogotá.

Montedoro - Clip2

MONTEDORO a film by Antonello Faretta - Clip2

Montedoro - Clip1

Montedoro a film by Antonello Faretta - Clip1

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Montedoro Sicily DJI Phantom 3 Pro music by Vincenzo Salvia.

Montedoro Arberia

Insediamenti albanesi in Puglia a Montedoro.

A Potenza la proiezione di “Montedoro” l'opera prima del lucano Antonello Faretta

TRM h24 - Su Sky al canale 519; Digitale Terrestre: Puglia 16 e Basilicata 111 On-demand sul canale FACEBOOK: ...

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