Overman Trailer

Overman Trailer (2016)

05 May 2016 Romance 102 mins

Do-hyun, an artistic gymnastics player, is living with his mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. He decides to quit gymnastics, and he meets a beautiful girl at the library after he got sentenced to community service. They get closer and share their secrets and worries. Can they become ‘the Overman’ creating a new life?

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Kim Jung-hyun

as Do-hyun

Kim Ko-woon

as Su-hyon

Kim Ko-woon

as Soo-hyeon

Seo Young-Hwa

as Yeon-hee


International Releases Dates

Korea 05 May 2016

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Korean Movie 초인 (Overman 2016) 예고편 (Trailer)

초인_티저 예고편 Overman_Teaser Trailer ▷ 장르(Genre) : 로맨스(Romance) ▷ 감독(Director) : 서은영(Seo Eun-young) ▷ 출연(Cast) : 김고운(Kim Ko-woon) 김정현

Overman 2016 trailer ~ 초인 ✩ ✦ ✥

Overman 2016 trailer ~ 초인 ✩ ✦ ✥ Overman 2016 trailer ~ 초인 ✩ ✦ ✥ Overman 2016 trailer ~ 초인 ✩ ✦ ✥ Overman 2016 ~ 초인 - High school gymnast Do-hyeon is

초인 (Overman 2016) 30초 예고편 (30s Trailer)

초인_30초 예고편 Overman_30s Trailer ▷ 장르(Genre) : 로맨스(Romance) ▷ 감독(Director) : 서은영(Seo Eun-young) ▷ 출연(Cast) : 김고운(Kim Ko-woon) 김정현(Kim

Korean Movie 초인 (Overman 2015) 프리퀄 예고편 (Prequel Trailer)

초인_프리퀄 예고편 Overman_Prequel Trailer ▷ 장르(Genre) : 드라마(Drama) ▷ 감독(Director) : 서은영(Seo Eun-young) ▷ 출연(Cast) : 김고운(Kim Ko-woon) 김정현

160512 金正鉉 Kim Jung Hyun Korean Movie Overman Trailer

韓國電影超人 / Korean Movie Overman.

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