Paththini Trailer

Paththini Trailer (2016)

"paththini, pattini, Paththini, Pattini, paththini 2016, The Goddess of Chastity, The Goddess of Love" 05 May 2016 135 mins

Kannagi (Pooja) born in the Chola kingdom, one of the three kingdoms in South India around 1,500 years ago, is happily married to Kovalan (Uddika), a millionaire. Kovalan attends the crowning ceremony of the Chola dancing queen, Princess Madhavi (Aruni). Pleased with he performance the king wants Madhavi to indicate whom she would pick to become her husband from among the wealthy male guests present. She selects Kovalan. Spellbound by Madhavi's beauty and her dancing skills, Kovalan too likes Madhavi. The happy marriage crashes. Kovalan spends all his wealth on Madhavi. Broken-hearted, the weeping Kannagi bears up the agony.

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Sri Lanka 05 May 2016

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EAP FILMS Trailer Music By Pasan Liyanage @ Redfox.

Pooja Umashankar | Paththini පත්තිනි Movie Official Trailer HD

පත්තිනි” ..... කතාව ප්‍රති රචනය තිර රචනය සංවාද රචනය හා අධ්‍යක්ෂණය - මහාචාර්...

PATHTHINI Film Trailer

'PATHTHINI' Sinhala Film in London - on 16th October 2016.

Paththini Film teaser 2

Sandesh Bandara.

Paththini Film - Making of paththini Film part 4

Making of Paththini film part 4.

Paththini | Punchi Samanalee

Movie : Paththini | Sumathi Films Song : Punchi Samanalee Singer : Nirosha Wirajini Music : Rohana Weerasinha Lyrics : Sunil Ariyarathna.

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