Project Orpheus Trailer

Project Orpheus Trailer (2016)

13 March 2016

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Lisa Smit

as Daniëlle "Daan" Veldhoven

Stefanie van Leersum

as Nienke de Wit

Jouman Fattal

as Amira el Kadi

Tobias Nierop

as IJsbrand van Dedem

Willem Voogd

as Ivan Zabolotski

Guy Van Sande

as Karl Lunshof

Carine Crutzen

as Mira Veldhoven

Mike Weerts

as Jasper Overbeeke

Sanne Langelaar

as Jasmijn Adema

International Releases Dates

Netherlands 13 March 2016

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Project Orpheus - I Took You Home (Remote Sessions)

Music video for I Took You Home (Remote Sessions) performed by Project Orpheus. Copyright (C

Project Orpheus trailer

Music by David Cummings.

Lancering VR-APP | Project Orpheus

Begeef je op de grens tussen leven en dood en beleef net als de medisch studenten uit Project Orpheus het hiernamaals. Ben jij sterk genoeg om uit je eigen dood terug te keren? Download

Project Orpheus - The Needle In My Eye (Official Music Video)

The Needle In My Eye. (Released on the 20th of July 2014) Project Orpheus' second single release off the upcoming debut album "Shaping The Static". ------------------ Websites: -

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