Pulimurugan Trailer

Pulimurugan Trailer (2016)

"The Wild Hunter" 07 October 2016 Adventure, Action 161 mins

The story revolves around the incidents that occur in the life of Murugan - a lorry driver who has vengeance against Tiger (Varayan Puli). Murugan lost his parents quite early and loves his brother more than anything in the universe. Even from his young age he has developed extraordinary skills that could aid him in killing tigers that create havoc in the forest settlement known as Puliyoor. He is not a hunter but he kills tiger that attack humans. The story moves into a few challenges that Murugan has to encounter in his life, both from wild animal and wild human beings. How he fights the enemies including tiger forms the crux of the story.

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Shaji Kumar

Shaji Kumar Cinematography



Joseph Nellikkal

Joseph Nellikkal Art Direction

Arun Manohar

Arun Manohar Costume Design

Noble Jacob

Noble Jacob Production Manager

Saji Koratty

Saji Koratty Makeup Artist

Shaji Padoor

Shaji Padoor Assistant Director

Jyoti Chetia

Jyoti Chetia Sound Editor

International Titles

Manyam Puli Trailer

Puli Murugan Trailer

Pulimurugan: The Wild Hunter Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 03 November 2016

United Kingdom 21 October 2016

India 02 December 2016

Production Companies

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