Kong: Skull Island Trailer

Kong: Skull Island Trailer (2017)

"All hail the king" 08 March 2017 Adventure, Fantasy, Action 118 mins

Explore the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes as a team of explorers ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island.

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Tom Hiddleston

as Captain James Conrad

Samuel L. Jackson

as Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard

Brie Larson

as Mason Weaver

Samuel L. Jackson

as Lieutenant Colonel Packard

John Goodman

as Bill Randa

Terry Notary

as King Kong

John C. Reilly

as Hank Marlow

Jing Tian

as San Lin

Toby Kebbell

as Maj. Jack Chapman


Stefan Dechant

Stefan Dechant Production Design

Thomas Tull

Thomas Tull Producer

Jon Jashni

Jon Jashni Producer

Mary Parent

Mary Parent Producer

Sarah Finn

Sarah Finn Casting

John Lord Booth III

John Lord Booth III Art Direction

Priscilla Elliott

Priscilla Elliott Art Direction

Cynthia La Jeunesse

Cynthia La Jeunesse Set Decoration

Mary E. Vogt

Mary E. Vogt Costume Design

Erin Mast

Erin Mast Script Supervisor

Dawn Gilliam

Dawn Gilliam Script Supervisor

International Titles

Kong - A Ilha da Caveira Trailer

Kong: A Ilha da Caveira Trailer

King Kong 1 - Skull Island Trailer

Kong - Skull Island Trailer

Kong: La Isla Calavera Trailer

콩: 스컬 아일랜드 Trailer

Kongas: kaukolės sala Trailer

Kong: la isla calavera Trailer

Kong - Skull Island Trailer

Кінг Конг: Острів черепа Trailer

King Kong: Skull Island Trailer

Skull Island Trailer

Untitled 2016 Event Project Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 10 March 2017

Brazil 27 June 2017

Canada 10 March 2017

Switzerland 08 March 2017

China 24 March 2017

Czech Republic 09 March 2017

Germany 09 March 2017

Denmark 09 March 2017

Egypt 08 March 2017

Spain 10 March 2017

France 08 March 2017

United Kingdom 24 July 2017

Greece 09 March 2017

Hungary 09 March 2017

India 10 March 2017

Italy 09 March 2017

Korea 08 March 2017

Portugal 09 March 2017

Romania 10 March 2017

Russia 09 March 2017

Sweden 24 July 2017

Slovakia 09 March 2017

Ukraine 09 March 2017

United States 18 July 2017

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