Lucky Fat Man Trailer

Lucky Fat Man Trailer (2017)

19 January 2017 Comedy 90 mins

Chow Chong Fat and Wat Kam Heung, who knew each other since young, are coming to their 10th wedding anniversary. Fat always works as an accountant and also a handy man in the family business “Lo Wat Kei” founded by Heung’s father. Fat is ordered around by Heung’s family members every day. Bullied by Heung’s mom, uncle and aunt, Fat leads a very miserable life. The only thing that brings Fat out of his rigid and boring life in “Lo Wat Kei” is the reunion with his dream lover Ceci. Lacking the joy of life, Fat buys a lottery ticket which wins him the first prize of 20 million HK dollars. But this is just the start of the whole exciting story.

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《我要發達》 Lucky Fat Man Official Trailer (In Cinemas 2 February)

周創發(林盛斌飾) 跟青梅竹馬的屈金香(麥玲玲飾) 結緍十載,一直在香父屈親仁(黃光亮飾) 的家傳祖業「老屈記」 任職會計兼打雜。發每天被屈...

Lucky Fat Man/我要發達Movie Review

This is my review of Lucky Fat Man. You can buy this movie here when it's released to home video: DVD - Blu-Ray - Don't steal movies. If you didn't pay to watch ...

香港賀歲電影 林盛斌Bob《我要發達》 Lucky Fat Man 2017 高清粵語中字

林盛斌Bob《我要發達》 Lucky Fat Man 2017 粤语2017. 最新动作片2017 - 香港流氓电影- 动作电影2017 感谢您观看影片请喜欢,评论和订阅频道观看新视频...

香港賀歲電影 林盛斌Bob《我要發達》 Lucky Fat Man 2017 高清粵語中字

林盛斌Bob《我要發達》 Lucky Fat Man 2017 粤语2017. 主要收集香港粤语电影,并无特别分类剧种及年代。 香港電影龍咁威2003 - Dragon Loaded 2003 Full Movie.

香港賀歲電影 林盛斌Bob《我要發達》 Lucky Fat Man 2017 高清粵語中字

林盛斌Bob《我要發達》 Lucky Fat Man 2017 粤语2017. 最新动作片2017 - 香港流氓电影- 动作电影2017 感谢您观看影片请喜欢,评论和订阅频道观看新视频...

香港賀歲電影 林盛斌Bob《我要發達》 Lucky Fat Man 2017 高清粵語中字

林盛斌Bob《我要發達》 Lucky Fat Man 2017 粤语2017. 最新动作片2017 - 香港流氓电影- 动作电影2017 感谢您观看影片请喜欢,评论和订阅频道观看新视频...

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