Duck Duck Goose Trailer

Duck Duck Goose Trailer (2018)

"Family can be a wild ride" 09 March 2018 Adventure, Animated, Comedy 82 mins

After he’s grounded by an injury, a high-flying bachelor is saddled with two wide-eyed orphans as they come face-to-face with the dangers and beauty of the outside world.

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Jim Gaffigan

as Peng (voice)


as Chi (voice)

Lance Lim

as Chao (voice)

Greg Proops

as Banzou (voice)

Natasha Leggero

as Jinjing (voice)

Stephen Fry

as Frazier (voice)

Craig Ferguson

as Giles (voice)

Carl Reiner

as Larry (voice)

Jennifer Grey

as Edna (voice)

Reggie Watts

as Carl (voice)

Diedrich Bader

as Bing (voice)

Rick Overton

as Stanley (voice)

International Titles

妈妈咪鸭 Trailer

Al aire patos Trailer

Al aire patos Trailer

Al aire patos Trailer

International Releases Dates

China 09 March 2018

Germany 09 August 2018

Denmark 20 July 2018

France 15 August 2018

United Kingdom 23 July 2018

Greece 23 August 2018

Russia 01 May 2018

Ukraine 03 May 2018

United States 20 July 2018

Production Companies

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