Hitsuji no Ki Trailer

Hitsuji no Ki Trailer (2018)

01 February 2018 Drama

Based on a manga written by Tatsuhiko Yamagami and illustrated by Mikio Igarashi, the story is set in a former seaport town where former criminals were sent to live there by the government. Aside from a few who know about the project, the general townsfolk has no idea of the ex-convicts' identities.

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Ryo Nishikido

as Hajime Tsukisue

Kazuki Kitamura

as Masashi Sugiyama


as Rieko Ōta

Ryuhei Matsuda

as Ichirō Miyakoshi

Min Tanaka

as Katsumi Ōno

Shingo Mizusawa

as Hiroki Fukumoto

Mikako Ichikawa

as Kiyomi Kurimoto


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Hitsuji no Ki (2018) Full Movie-[HD]

Hitsuji no Ki full hd movie trailer.

The Scythian Lamb (Hitsuji no ki) theatrical trailer - Daihachi Yoshida-directed thriller

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