Skyscraper Trailer

Skyscraper Trailer (2018)

"Don't look down" 11 July 2018 Drama, Action, Thriller 102 mins

Framed and on the run, a former FBI agent must save his family from a blazing fire in the world's tallest building.

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Dwayne Johnson

as Will Sawyer

Neve Campbell

as Sarah Sawyer

Dwayne Johnson

as Will Ford

Roland Møller

as Kores Botha

Adrian Holmes

as Ajani Okeke

Byron Mann

as Inspector Wu

Chin Han

as Zhao Long Ji

Noah Taylor

as Mr. Pierce

Elfina Luk

as Sergeant Han

Paul McGillion

as On-Scene Commander

Venus Terzo

as Hostage Negotiator

Tzi Ma

as Fire Chief Sheng

Jett Klyne

as Ray's Son

Vivian Full

as Ben's Neighbour


Beau Flynn

Beau Flynn Producer

Dany Garcia

Dany Garcia Executive Producer

Hiram Garcia

Hiram Garcia Executive Producer

Wendy Jacobson

Wendy Jacobson Co-Producer

Robert Elswit

Robert Elswit Director of Photography

Mary Parent

Mary Parent Producer

James D. Bissell

James D. Bissell Production Design

Cheryl Marion

Cheryl Marion Art Direction

Grant Van Der Slagt

Grant Van Der Slagt Art Direction

International Titles

스카이스크래퍼 Trailer

Небодер Trailer

Небоскрёб Trailer

摩天大樓 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 12 July 2018

Brazil 12 July 2018

Switzerland 11 July 2018

China 20 July 2018

Germany 12 July 2018

Denmark 12 July 2018

Spain 13 July 2018

France 11 July 2018

United Kingdom 12 July 2018

Greece 12 July 2018

Hong Kong 12 July 2018

Hungary 12 July 2018

Italy 19 July 2018

Lithuania 13 July 2018

Netherlands 12 July 2018

Russia 12 July 2018

Slovakia 12 July 2018

Turkey 13 July 2018

Ukraine 12 July 2018

United States 13 July 2018

South Africa 13 July 2018

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