Winchester Trailer

Winchester Trailer (2018)

"Terror is building" 02 February 2018 Fantasy, Horror, Thriller 99 mins

Firearm heiress Sarah Winchester is convinced that she is haunted by the souls killed at the hands of the Winchester repeating rifle. After the sudden deaths of her husband and child, she throws herself into the construction of an enormous mansion designed to keep the evil spirits at bay. But when a skeptical San Francisco psychiatrist is dispatched to the estate to evaluate her state of mind, he discovers that her obsession may not be so insane after all.

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Helen Mirren

as Sarah Winchester

Jason Clarke

as Eric Price

Sarah Snook

as Marian Marriott

Angus Sampson

as John Hansen

Tyler Coppin

as Arthur Gates

Emm Wiseman

as Nancy Miller

Brad Arnold

as Stage Coach Bandit

Eamon Farren

as Ben Block

John Lobato

as Carpenter

Bruce Spence

as Augustine


Ben Nott

Ben Nott Director of Photography

Yvonne Collins

Yvonne Collins Line Producer

Tim McGahan

Tim McGahan Producer

Peter Spierig

Original Music Composer

Matthew Putland

Matthew Putland Production Design

Mark Warren

Mark Warren Art Direction

International Titles

La Maldición de la Casa Winchester Trailer

La Maldición de la casa Winchester Trailer

Winchester : le manoir hanté Trailer

The 13th Hour Trailer

Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built Trailer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 01 March 2018

Czech Republic 01 March 2018

Spain 09 March 2018

France 10 May 2018

United Kingdom 02 February 2018

Greece 15 March 2018

Hungary 15 March 2018

Italy 22 February 2018

Lithuania 27 April 2018

Slovakia 01 March 2018

Turkey 20 April 2018

Ukraine 05 April 2018

United States 01 May 2018

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