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Platonow Trailer (2015)

12 December 2015

Blue Eyed Trailer (1996)

08 September 1996

In only 15 minutes with some 30 people Jane Elliott manages to build up a realistic microcosmos of society today with all its phenomena and feelings.

Lulu Trailer (2006)

27 March 2006

Die Mondverschwörung Trailer (2011)

21 April 2011

During his work as chief reporter for DDC-TV, a German-speaking television station in the USA, Dennis Mascarenas has met some pretty strange people and gotten into quite a few hairy situations.

Longing Trailer (2006)

15 February 2006

A melancholy 2006 German film about the life and love in the daily life of a man who’s trying to get the feeling of longing and nostalgia back into his marriage.

Wacken 2016 LIVE Trailer (2016)

10 August 2016

Vince Ebert: Evolution Trailer (2014)

28 September 2014

Balkan Champion Trailer (2006)

09 April 2006

Documentary in which Réka Kincses explores the life of her father, the politician Elod Kincses who served as the second chairman of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania.