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Cafundó Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

Cafundó is a 35 mm color film which blends fact with fiction in the life of João de Camargo, a former black slave (1858-1942, Sorocaba, Brazil) who, in his old age, works miracles and devotes himself to assisting others in order to attain his freedom.

Belas e Corrompidas Trailer (1977)

10 September 1977

Mentally disturbed woman always ends up killing her lovers.

Bang Bang Trailer (1971)

01 January 1971

This endearingly crazy 1971 Brazilian film defies classification: its Portuguese title (Bangue bangue) refers to films we'd probably call "shoot-'em-ups," director Andrea Tonacci called it a "Maoist detective comedy," yet American audiences would probably consider it an experimental film.

Tiradentes, O Mártir da Independência Trailer (1977)

04 April 1977

Buccaneer Soul Trailer (1993)

07 July 1993

50 years of Brazilian history seem from the point of view of a friendship among two intellectuals.

A Mulher de Todos Trailer (1969)

24 October 1969

Ângela Carne e Osso (Angela Meat and Bone), a young nymphomaniac, lives surrounded by delinquents, and exerts intense allure on them, dominating them all with her erotic power.

Oswaldianas Trailer (1992)

21 February 1992

Collective film with five segments around the works and life of brazilian writer Oswald de Andrade.

Excitação Trailer (1977)

30 May 1977

A computer engineer takes his problematic wife to an isolated house on the beach, but it's haunted - or is it just a psychiatric issue of hers?

It's Not All True Trailer (1986)

22 August 1986

Orson Welles goes to Brazil to shot his documentary It's All True.

O Mulherengo Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976