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Iron & Blood: The Legend of Taras Bulba Trailer (2009)

02 April 2009

Set in the 16th century, this is a story about Ukraine's Cossack warriors and their campaign to defend their lands from the advancing Polish armies.

Brothel Lights Trailer (2011)

03 November 2011

In the 1950s Odessa a charming woman is running an underground brothel. She's tired of the business hassles and is dreaming about having a family.

Taming of the Fire Trailer (1972)

12 April 1972

About Russian space program and missile industry, and it's founder Sergei P. Korolev, from the 1920s to the first man in space in 1961.

The Gadfly Trailer (1980)

03 November 1980

The movie set in 1840s Italy under the dominance of Austria, a time of tumultuous revolt and uprisings.

Letuchiy korabl Trailer (1961)

01 January 1961

264 Views Es war einmal - hinter dunklen Wäldern, hinter öden Sandwüsten… - Dort lebte der Recke Kotigoroschko mit seiner Mutter und seiner Schwester Aljonka.

Lovers In Kiev Trailer (2012)

08 February 2012

Eight stories about love in Kiev.

Flags on the Towers Trailer (1958)

06 June 1958

A drama about educating homeless children based on the book by Anton Makarenko.

Caucasia Trailer (2007)

10 August 2007

After her husband's death, a widow returns to Moscow with her mother-in-law, unaware that a depressee

Muzhskaya Intuiciya Trailer (2007)

06 June 2007

Екатерина - одинокая мать двоих замечательных детей. Пока женщина пропадает на работе, ее малыши сидят дома с няней.

Do You Want to Be an Actress, Girl? Trailer (1977)

01 June 1977

A young girl traumatized by her mother death is becoming an actress.

Rhythms of 'Teatralny' Trailer (1978)

01 January 1978

Kyiv. The State Institute of theatre of Karpenko-Kary opens its doors and welcomes new students, future artists: directors, actors, cameramen and script writers.

Four sheets of plywood Trailer (1992)

02 January 1992

The young, curious journalist Sofia (Olga Sumska) at tragic circumstances meets the investigator Bohdan Mazepa (Ivan Havrylyuk).