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Devilish Education Trailer (1995)

11 January 1995

Gosia is a beautiful and innocent young maid on the catholic countryside tending the cattle. One summer day she is having a bath in the river naked as god created her.

Blind Chance Trailer (1987)

10 January 1987

Witek runs after a train. Three variations follow on how such a seemingly banal incident could influence the rest of Witek's life.

Pornography Trailer (2003)

19 September 2003

Two intellectuals, a writer and a director, begin to play a mysterious psychological game in a peaceful countryside manor house during the Nazi occupation.

With Fire and Sword Trailer (1999)

08 February 1999

In the mid-17th century, Poland was the largest, most democratic, and most tolerant country in Europe.

Battle of Warsaw 1920 Trailer (2011)

30 September 2011

Poland's winning battle against Soviet Russia as seen through the eyes of two young protagonists, Ola and Jan.

Interrogation Trailer (1989)

13 December 1989

In Stalinist Poland, cabaret singer Tonia decides to spend the evening drinking with a group of friends.

80 Million Trailer (2011)

25 November 2011

A movie about the power of thousands, the courage of hundreds and friendship of a few, thanks to whom a change of fate of millions became possible.

Childish Questions Trailer (1981)

13 November 1981

Jasminum Trailer (2006)

29 June 2006

Dziejące się współcześnie "Jasminum" (łacińska nazwa jaśminu) opowiada historię tajemniczą i magiczną, pełną zmysłowych zapachów, wypełnioną szczególnym światłem jakie roztacza wokół siebie miłość.

Excentrycy, czyli po słonecznej stronie ulicy Trailer (2015)

16 July 2015

O-Bi, O-Ba: The End of Civilization Trailer (1985)

28 June 1985

Set in an underground dungeon inhabited by bundled, ragged human beings, after the nuclear holocaust.

Fever Trailer (1981)

04 September 1981

The film is set in 1905, in a time of feverish revolutionary underground activity in Poland partitioned between three neighbours.

Kainovo znamení Trailer (1989)

09 January 1989

Sons and Comrades Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

A Pole who spent time in an internment camp during the war on the Swiss-German border, visits the site many years later and recalls these days.

Warsaw Dark Trailer (2008)

17 October 2008

Prominent cinematographer Christopher Doyle continues to hone his talents as a director with this thriller set in Eastern Europe and inspired by the as-yet-unsolved murder of a Polish politician in 2001.

Kamień na kamieniu Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

Fuks Trailer (1999)

20 August 1999

Two broken, police, destruction of property by arson with an explosive charge, stealing a car. Not bad for one night! Such is the balance of Alex's eighteenth birthday - the main hero of the film.

Zygfryd Trailer (1986)

01 September 1986

The eponymous Zygfryd is a reclusive young circus acrobat. Professor Drawicz is overwhelmed by Zygfryd's circus act and tries to make the world of art accessible to him - with tragic consequences.

Limousine Trailer (2008)

01 November 2008

A young female limo driver meets a young male hooker who says he just accidentally killed his "John".

Pogrzeb kartofla Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

Set in 1946, the film tells a story of a Polish villager returning home after years in a concentration camp.

Colonel Kwiatkowski Trailer (1996)

10 May 1996

Nocne Graffiti Trailer (1997)

07 February 1997