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Past Tense Trailer (2014)

26 November 2014

A woman's future self is nothing like she expected herself to be.

Darna: The Return Trailer (1994)

09 May 1994

Valentina, Darna's snake-haired arch enemy, is trying to take over the Phillipines through subliminal messages on religious TV shows.

Pinay Pie Trailer (2003)

03 September 2003

A funny story about three female friends. Karen is the smart and fashionable one among the three. Love is the cousin of Karen.

Kung Fu Divas Trailer (2013)

03 October 2013

Charlotte is from a family of beauty queens, but she has yet to win a title of her own. Her final chance is the Hiyas ng Dalampasigan Pageant, and her mother has taken steps to make sure that she wins.

Ang Tanging Pamilya (A Marry-Go-Round!) Trailer (2009)

11 November 2009

The film tells the story of a young couple, Charlie Sicat (Toni Gonzaga) and U.S.-based Prince Price (Sam Milby), who decides to get married after two years of long-distance relationship.

Who's That Girl? Trailer (2011)

02 March 2011

Elizabeth Pedroza (Curtis) is a UST Architecture graduate infatuated with her long-time school crush, John Eduque (Luis Manzano).

Kiss Me Trailer (1999)

27 October 1999

Clarisse is neglected by her boyfriend James. Together with her friends Dindi and Cynthia they create an imaginary suitor complete with a name- Aaron Nakpil.

My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore Trailer (2015)

25 December 2015

Dondi is a nerd and an obedient nephew to his aunt Cora who makes decisions for him. Meanwhile, Anna is a stubborn and rebellious girl who seeks the attention of her father Vito.

Sisterakas Trailer (2012)

25 December 2012

A man takes revenge on his sister by hiring her as his personal assistant.

Ali In Wonderland Trailer (1992)

11 January 1992

a film by Tony Y. Reyes.

Area Trailer (2016)

22 October 2016

A story of an over-the-hill prostitute whose life savings are stolen during the Holy Week.

Biokids Trailer (1990)

03 April 1990

A gang of Filipino kids stumble upon a mad scientist's lair. He outfits them with power suits and motorbikes, and sends them to fight a crime-lord party clown, who hatches a sinister plot to infiltrate suburban homes via silver demons trapped in Nintendo cartridges.

Bromance: My Brother's Romance Trailer (2013)

14 May 2013

A young man is forced to pretend to be his estranged gay brother in order to keep a major business from falling through.

Enteng ng Ina mo Trailer (2011)

25 December 2011

Enteng wants to retire as the hero of Engkantasya and have a normal life with his family without the magical elements.

Patrol Trailer (2014)

03 August 2014

A policewoman roams the city of Manila to fulfill her duties as a police patrol to look for her son.

The Only Mother Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

The story evolves around the ups and downs of being a single mother, Ina the main protaganist. Her three husbands leave her with 12 children and a financial problems that she needs to shoulder.

Volta Trailer (2004)

23 June 2004

Legend has it that once every 100 years a superhero with the powers of lightning shows up to save mankind from the forces of evil.

Pakners Trailer (2003)

28 May 2003

Two men from different backgrounds team up to win a billiards challenge in this underdog sports drama from the Philippines.

Booba Trailer (2001)

24 January 2001

Booba, newly arrived in the bustling metropolis (her choice of transportation from her far flung province, where her family owns a profitable fruit stand, should be seen to be believed), moves from an all-male dormitory (with its hole-infested bathroom door, for better peeping of course) where she worked the nights as a go-go dancer, to a Filipino-Chinese household where she worked as a nanny to an overfed eight year old, before ending up as the police's top secret agent.

Your Only Mother: This Is The Last! Trailer (2010)

25 December 2010

A few months after Ina left the position as the President of the Philippines, she is back in the media limelight as she releases a book of her life in her journey as a mother to her children and as a mother to the people of the Philippines.

I Love You, No One Else Trailer (1992)

21 April 1992

Opposites attract when Trixie, a spoiled rich brat, and Alex, a hardworking taxi driver, fall in love.

Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat Trailer (2008)

25 December 2008

With the one, big, happy family that she has, any woman would admire Ina Montecillo as the embodiment of a perfect mother.

BFF: Best Friends Forever Trailer (2009)

13 May 2009

Best Friends Forever (BFF) is the 16th year anniversary presentation of Star Cinema starring the Megastar Sharon Cuneta and the Comedy Queen Ai Ai delas Alas.

Cover me Trailer (2007)

28 November 2007

Juanita barely escapes her mother-in-law's wrath. Maria also puts a curse on Juanita and one of her daughters, Julia Rose.

Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso Trailer (2006)

14 June 2006

When a freak accident occurs, a recently widowed man named Marco Bong Revilla encounters the most unassuming person he will ever meet than even fall in love with named Love Ai-Ai de las Alas but trials and tribulations begin when their children are involved as the pressures begin with their romance whirling but a unkind past comes back to haunt Love.

Ikaw Pa Rin: Bongga Ka Boy! Trailer (2008)

14 May 2008

Dra. Baby Holmes is a veterenarian who left her long time boyfriend after she discovered he has been deceiving her.

Your Mother is Cute! Trailer (2007)

07 April 2007

Christine frantically flies back in the Philippines to gather evidences that will convince his Australian father not to marry Georgia her estranged mother, who she thinks has abandoned them.

Shake, Rattle & Roll 2k5 Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005

The second installment of episodes from this classic horror series scares up even more screams than the first.

Separated Trailer (1994)

12 October 1994

Melissa, a successful advertising executive believed she has a perfect life with her husband Dodie and two children Vincent and Jenny.

Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

Rizelle is a beautiful young woman who decides to work as a house helper during summer to earn extra money and to substitute her mother who is ill.

Here in My Heart Trailer (1999)

10 November 1999

Ligaya Tatlonghari is a movie fan in every sense of the word she eats and breathes showbiz. She has two foremost dreams: to travel to the United States, and to join her favorite TV game show.

Dancin' with Motion Trailer (1994)

14 April 1994

Universal Motion, "the hottest song-and-dance group to ever hit the Philippine scene," plays a group of young boys who are discovered, brought to Manila, have adventures and romance and get to strut their stuff and win fame and fortune.

Dark Crown Trailer (1994)

28 April 1994

Adana De Guia (Snooky Serna) is a famous actress whose career is beginning to slip down the limelight while Eva Cristobal (Sharmaine Arnaiz) is a fanatic who loves Adana so much that she will do anything for her idol.

Wooly Booly: Ang Classmate Kong Alien Trailer (1989)

19 October 1989

a film by Ben Feleo.

Shake, Rattle & Roll IV Trailer (1992)

25 December 1992

"GURO" Mr. Zerrudo is the newest teacher at Jodie's school. Unfortunately, Jodie discovered that her heartthrob professor transforms into a hideous monster.

Michael and Madonna Trailer (1990)

28 August 1990

This is a story of two cousins, Samson and Goliath. They meet the daughters of their boss and fall in love with them.

Takbo... Talon... Tili!!! Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

Episode 1: Mahiwagang Banga Decapitated, murdered and buried in the jar, the witch doctor promised to come back and seek revenge.

Shake, Rattle & Roll III Trailer (1991)

25 December 1991

A Trilogy-Horror. In "Yaya" a young couple hires a mysterious nanny for their baby. In "Ate" a young woman discovers that her sister has been dead and been made alive again.