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The Life of Oharu Trailer (1952)

01 January 1952

Follows a woman's fight and survival amid the vicissitudes of life and the cruelty of the society.

Good Morning Trailer (1959)

12 May 1959

Two boys beg their parents for a television set, nagging them until all patience is lost. The parents order the boys to be quiet and the boys do exactly that--refusing to utter a word.

Deep Throat in Tokyo Trailer (1975)

05 December 1975

Kumi Taguchi is a model who leaves her boxer boyfriend after he sustains an injury. She meets and quickly marries Hideo, the heir to a corporate empire.

My Way Trailer (1974)

07 September 1974

Based on a true story, an elderly women resiliently spends nine months attempting to retrieve her husband's dead body, fighting government bureaucracy and indifference all along the way.

The Skies of Haruo Trailer (1977)

19 December 1977

1977 Japanese film directed by Tengo Yamada.

Bound for the Fields, the Mountains, and the Seacoast Trailer (1986)

04 October 1986

During the fervently nationalist months leading up to World War II, a rebellious teenager is transferred to a new primary school in a small Inland Sea town.

Circus Boys Trailer (1989)

23 November 1989

Two brothers, Jinta and Wataru, are raised in a travelling circus. After an accident, Jinta decides to leave the circus and travels the countryside working as a con-man.

Barefoot Gen Trailer (1976)

24 January 1976

First live action adaptation of Keiji Nakazawa's manga.

Delinquent Girl Boss: Tokyo Drifters Trailer (1970)

01 January 1970

The second film in the series.

Kekko Kamen 3 Trailer (1993)

23 April 1993

The third installment explores the character of Keko Mask, Japan's favorite naked female superhero, in more detail than the first two films.

Broken Drum Trailer (1949)

01 December 1949

When the future of his construction company falls into danger, a controlling father pushes his children into unsatisfying marraiges and careers in order to regain financial stability.

Repast Trailer (1951)

23 November 1951

Michiyo lives in the small place Osaka and is not happy with her marriage, all she does is cook and clean for her husband.

Secret Zone of Tokyo Trailer (1971)

06 February 1971

Pinku from 1971.

Brothers of Fire Trailer (1960)

26 October 1960

Japanese film.

Botchan Trailer (1958)

14 June 1958

1958 Shochiku adaptation of Natsume's novel.

Tange Sazen Trailer (1963)

17 November 1963

In 1730, the Tokugawa Shogunate orders the Yagyu Clan to repair a huge shrine. Since it cannot refuse the Shogunate's request, the impoverished Yagyu Clan tries to raise funds by obtaining a sword which holds the key to a wondrous, hidden treasure.

The S.S. Happiness Sets Sail Trailer (1980)

15 November 1980

Adaptation of a 1956 novel by Yukio Mishima.

Boss Takes to the Road Trailer (1961)

23 September 1961

Japanese comedy film.

Tokyo Lullaby Trailer (1997)

20 June 1997

Hamanaka Koichi (Nagatsuka Kyozo) returns to his wife Hisako (Baisho Mitsuko) and family in a sadder, run-down section of eastern Tokyo after having run away from home years before.

Nobuko Rides on a Cloud Trailer (1955)

07 June 1955

A little girl who falls into a lake and is saved by a god who then takes her up to the clouds and shows her what the world was like before she was born and what the world would be like if she where never born.

The Tokyo Dame Trailer (1959)

17 March 1959

A young woman tries to keep her family together after her father disowns her sister.

Achako's Notebook of Youth: Tokyo Trailer (1952)

28 August 1952

Japanese comedy film.

The Ataka Family Trailer (1952)

15 May 1952

Japanese drama film.

The Devil's Left Hand Trailer (1966)

27 January 1966

The black gambles must fight a foreign gangster.

Three Little Geisha Trailer (1973)

04 July 1973

A young girl works as a geisha to earn money for travel.

Truck Rascals Trailer (1975)

30 August 1975

Two trucker buddies in their decorated trucks get into fights and other zany antics in 1970s Japan, while looking for love.

Kekko Kamen 2: We'll be back... Trailer (1992)

27 March 1992

Kekko Kamen 2 We’ll be back… is the 2nd live action movie of Kekko Kamen

Diva in the Netherworld Trailer (1980)

22 January 1980

The adventures of two opera singers, who are descendants of vampires and wolf men as they trek through a dream-like realm and battle cannibals and giant dragons.

A Nurse's Husband Fights On Trailer (1980)

10 May 1980

1980 Japanese comedy film.

Barefoot Gen Part 3: Battle of Hiroshima Trailer (1980)

05 July 1980

Second live action "Barefoot Gen" sequel.