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Al Adamson (July 25, 1929 – June 21, 1995) was a prolific director of B-grade horror films throughout the 1960s and 1970s. After assisting his father, Victor Adamson, in making the 1963 movie Halfway to Hell, Adamson decided to work in the motion picture industry himself. Three years later, he and Sam Sherman founded Independent-International Pictures, which became the vehicle for the many movies he directed. Among them are Psycho-A-Go-Go (later worked into Blood of Ghastly Horror), Satan's Sadists, Horror of the Blood Monsters, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, and Five Bloody Graves. After Adamson was reported missing for five weeks in 1995, after which law enforcement officials discovered his murdered corpse beneath the concrete and tile-covered whirlpool bath in his newly remodeled bathroom. The perpetrator was his live-in contractor Fred Fulford who, after being apprehended at the Coral Reef hotel on St Pete Beach, Florida, was charged with and convicted of murder, and was sentenced to twenty-five-years in prison.

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Nurse Sherri Trailer (1978)

01 August 1978

A hospital nurse is possessed by an evil spirit, and proceeds to kill off the hospital's patients.

Cinderella 2000 Trailer (1977)

14 September 1977

In the year 2047, sex is forbidden and Big Brother uses robots to keep on eye on everyone. One young girl tries to outwit the government so she can be with the man she loves.

Satan's Sadists Trailer (1969)

01 June 1969

The "Satans" are a very cruel biker gang led by Anchor. The gang goes to a diner in the middle of nowhere in the California desert where they begin to terrorize Lew and his patrons and his waitress, Tracy.

Horror of the Blood Monsters Trailer (1970)

01 February 1970

Three earthlings (John Carradine, Robert Dix, Vicki Volante) leave on a space mission to destroy flesh creatures of a prehistoric lost planet.

Death Dimension Trailer (1978)

01 July 1978

The Pig has a plan to eradicate some people with a freeze bomb that instantly freezes people to death.

Blood of Dracula's Castle Trailer (1969)

14 May 1969

Count Dracula and his wife capture beautiful young women and chain them in their dungeon, to be used when they need to satisfy their thirst for blood.

Dracula vs. Frankenstein Trailer (1971)

20 September 1971

Dracula conspires with a mad doctor to resurrect the Frankenstein Monster.

Black Heat Trailer (1976)

01 June 1976

Kicks Carter is a streetwise policeman whose beat is Las Vegas. A crime gang is running guns, selling drugs, loan-sharking, and running a prostitution ring out of an upscale hotel in the city and Kicks is trying to put them out of business.

Brain of Blood Trailer (1971)

01 August 1971

Amir, the benevolent ruler of Kalid, is dying, but there is hope. Freshly deceased, he is flown to the United States where Dr.

Blood of Ghastly Horror Trailer (1972)

21 January 1972

A mad scientist implants an electronic device into the brain of an injured soldier, which turns him into a psychotic killer.

Cry Rape Trailer (1973)

27 November 1973

A man who is arrested for rape swears it wasn't him but somebody who looks just like him, but the victim insists it was him.

Hell's Bloody Devils Trailer (1970)

01 January 1970

Bikers, Nazis, Mafiosi, and the FBI all clash in this wild and wooly exploitation picture from director Al Adamson.

Doctor Dracula Trailer (1978)

02 March 1978

An evil hypnotist puts a beautiful woman under his spell.

Five Bloody Graves Trailer (1969)

31 October 1969

A lone gunman hunts the fearsome Apache Satago across the plains of the Wild West. When Satago's marauders ambush a stagecoach, the gunman rides to the rescue of the trapped passengers and helps them in their last stand against the deadly Indians.

Carnival Magic Trailer (1981)

01 January 1981

A magician in a carnival--who actually can read minds and levitate people and objects--works with a superintelligent chimp named Alex, who can also talk.

Lash of Lust Trailer (1972)

22 September 1972

Soft-core western filmed at Charles Manson's old stomping grounds; the Spahn Ranch, back in 1968. As of this writing, not commercially available for viewing.

Dynamite Brothers Trailer (1974)

01 May 1974

Young black man teams up with a Chinese kung-fu expert to fight a drug ring.

Angels' Wild Women Trailer (1972)

01 January 1972

These angels don't wear halos. After stomping the lights out on a couple of racist rapists, some tough biker babes take refuge in a rural commune run by a peace-loving guru who's actually a drug kingpin with a vicious gang -- and who specializes in human sacrifices.

The Female Bunch Trailer (1971)

01 September 1971

Libby saves Sandy from killing herself and takes her to meet some female friends who live on a ranch in the desert.

Lost Trailer (1983)

22 October 1983

A little girl gets lost in the wilds of Utah.

The Naughty Stewardesses Trailer (1975)

29 January 1975

The Naughty Stewardesses follows the typical pattern of a Roger Corman "nurse" film (very popular at the time), only with stewardesses.

Black Samurai Trailer (1977)

15 February 1977

Robert Sand, agent of D.R.A.G.O.N. (Defense Reserve Agency Guardian Of Nations), is playing tennis on his vacation with a beautiful black girl, when his commanding officers ask him to save a Chinese girl who happens to be Sand's girlfriend, and the daughter of a top Eastern Ambassador.

Mean Mother Trailer (1974)

01 August 1974

Two Vietnam deserters go their separate ways, become criminals and are eventually reunited.

Blazing Stewardesses Trailer (1975)

01 June 1975

Those "naughty stewardesses" are at it again! But this time they’ve turned in their Mile High Club sky miles for a sexy, rousing, Old West-styled adventure on a dude ranch.

Girls for Rent Trailer (1974)

01 October 1974

A team of girls go on a killing spree across the country.

Psycho a Go-Go Trailer (1965)

01 January 1965

Jewel thieves quickly dispose of the loot when the alarm is raised, then track down the family upon whose truck they threw them, meanly interrogating them in the hope of getting them back.

Jessi's Girls Trailer (1975)

01 April 1975

A young Mormon couple is attacked by a bunch of outlaws. They kill the man and the woman is raped several times and left for dead in the desert.

Sunset Cove Trailer (1978)

01 April 1978

At the end of the school year, a group of students head out to Sunset Cove and do everything they can to save their favourite beach.

Doomsday Voyage Trailer (1972)

01 February 1972

A political extremist on the run after assassinating a corrupt politician, poses as a French sailor in hopes of fleeing the country.

Half Way to Hell Trailer (1955)

01 January 1955

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