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Freaks Trailer (1932)

20 February 1932

A circus' beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inheritance.

The Cameraman Trailer (1928)

16 September 1928

The Great Stone Face portrays Luke Shannon, a "tintype" portrait photographer who develops a serious crush on Sally, a beautiful woman who works as a secretary for MGM's newsreel department.

The Nitwits Trailer (1935)

07 June 1935

A would-be songwriter and a would-be inventor run a cigar stand and get mixed up in the murder of a song publisher.

Battling Butler Trailer (1926)

19 September 1926

Alfred's father feels his son has grown up too comfortably and as a result has not become what a man should be.

The Hollywood Revue of 1929 Trailer (1929)

23 November 1929

An all-star revue featuring MGM contract players.

Chasing Rainbows Trailer (1930)

22 February 1930

The road-show troupe of a top Broadway show go cross-country while taking the audience along on the on-stage scenes as well as what happens and is happening back stage of the production.

Free and Easy Trailer (1930)

22 March 1930

Gopher City Kansas hosts a beauty contest. The winner, Elvira Plunkett, and her mother go to Hollywood.

Murder in the Private Car Trailer (1934)

29 June 1934

Ruth Raymond works on the switchboard and her boyfriend is John Blake. It has taken 14 years, but a detective named Murray has found her and confirmed.

Make a Wish Trailer (1937)

01 September 1937

Canary-voiced boy wonder Bobby Breen once more croons his way into our hearts in Make a Wish. While vacationing at a boys' camp, the rambunctious Breen befriends famed composer Basil Rathbone.

50 Million Frenchmen Trailer (1931)

14 February 1931

In this comedy, two men make an extravagant $50,000 dollar bet that one of them will be able to successfully court a lovely woman with out spending any money.

Myrt And Marge Trailer (1933)

25 November 1933

Directed by Al Boasberg (1933)

Cracked Nuts Trailer (1931)

18 April 1931

To impress his fiancee's aunt, a young man tries to become king in a small kingdom, but the people there have already crowned one, who has won this honor by gambling.

Radio Dough Trailer (1934)

05 February 1934

Two partners in a clothing store decide they want to become radio performers.

Upper Cutlets Trailer (1936)

23 January 1936

Walter Catlett wants to join a fight club.

So This Is College Trailer (1929)

08 November 1929

Biff and Eddie are the best of friends. They are college seniors; roommates at the Fraternity; and star teammates on the USC Football team.

Smile, Brother, Smile Trailer (1927)

11 September 1927

A hot young salesman at a cosmetics company finds out that, because the company is losing a lot of money, he may soon be out of a job.

Silly Billies Trailer (1936)

20 March 1936

The boys are a dentist and his assistant traveling to the Old West to open a new practice. Once in town, they buy a business--only to wake up the next day and see that the entire population of this bustling town had left for the California gold fields early that morning! Then, they discover an evil plot to sell out these settlers to some hostile Indians, so they spring to the rescue.