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Alberto Sordi (15 June 1920 – 25 February 2003) was an Italian actor. He was also a film director and the dubbing voice of Oliver Hardy in the Italian version of the Laurel & Hardy films.

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Journey with Papa Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982

Armando is the daddy, Cristiano is the adult son. Each of them lives his life in a different way respect the other: Armando is an old play-boy and often he "buys" his women with his money; Cristiano is a shy guy who lives in a community with other guys like him.

Cinema Paradiso Trailer (1988)

17 November 1988

A filmmaker recalls his childhood, when he fell in love with the movies at his village's theater and formed a deep friendship with the theater's projectionist.

Un sorriso, uno schiaffo, un bacio in bocca Trailer (1975)

14 July 1975

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes Trailer (1965)

03 June 1965

Star studded comedy about a early 20th century air race from Britain to France.

I Vitelloni Trailer (1953)

26 August 1953

Five young men linger in a postadolescent limbo, dreaming of adventure and escape from their small seacoast town.

The White Sheik Trailer (1952)

20 September 1952

The first two days of a marriage. Ivan, a punctilious clerk brings his virginal bride to Rome for a honeymoon, an audience with the Pope, and to present her to his uncle.

A Farewell to Arms Trailer (1957)

14 December 1957

A Farewell to Arms is a 1957 American drama film directed by Charles Vidor. The screenplay by Ben Hecht, based in part on a 1930 play by Laurence Stallings, was the second feature film adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's 1929 semi-autobiographical novel of the same name.

Traffic Jam Trailer (1979)

12 January 1979

A large international cast takes part in this comedy in which the stories of numerous individuals whose cars are stalled in a massive Roman traffic jam are told.

The New Monsters Trailer (1977)

15 December 1977

15 years after the monumental "I mostri" which was a great example of Italian sketch comedy, 3 of the greatest Italian directors ever (Risi, Monicelli, Scola) the best Italian writers ever (Age, Scarpelli) the best Italian actors ever (Tognazzi, Gassmann, Sordi) one of the most beautiful woman in the world (Ornella Muti) participate to this great tribute.

The Witches Trailer (1967)

22 February 1967

Five short stories loosely dealing with the roles of women in society. A superstar actress travels to a mountain resort, only to evoke jealousy from women and lust from men.

My Wife Trailer (1964)

29 October 1964

La mia signora (internationally released as My Wife) is a 1964 Italian comedy film directed by Tinto Brass, Mauro Bolognini and Luigi Comencini.

An Average Little Man Trailer (1977)

17 March 1977

Giovanni Vivaldi is an average middle-aged man with a secure job as a government accountant. He wishes nothing more than to set up his only son Mario, his biggest pride in the world, with the same secure government job before he eventually retires.

Di che segno sei? Trailer (1975)

01 January 1975

Four episodes. A pilot is ready to change sex, but the doctor made an error. A woman is searching a partner for a dance contest.

Nero's Mistress Trailer (1956)

13 September 1956

Nero is on holiday at the seaside. Poppea, Seneca and many other guests are with him. Nero is preparing a great show where he will be the star.

The Virtuous Bigamist Trailer (1956)

20 December 1956

The Provence, somewhere in the 1950's. Paul Verdier, traveling salesman, leaves his home and his quarrelsome wife for his weekly round.

Fellini nel cestino Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

The Most Wonderful Evening of My Life Trailer (1972)

22 December 1972

A successful businessman whose destiny leads him to a secluded Swiss chalet where his life is put on trial by a group of retired law professionals.

Il prof. Dott. Guido Tersilli, primario della clinica Villa Celeste convenzionata con le mutue Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

The Last Judgment Trailer (1961)

26 October 1961

The Last Judgement (Italian: Il giudizio universale) is a 1961 commedia all'italiana film by Italian director Vittorio De Sica.

To Bed or Not to Bed Trailer (1963)

22 December 1963

Made in italy Trailer (1965)

03 September 1965

A group of Italians take a flight to Sweden

The Sign of Venus Trailer (1955)

01 January 1955

The Sign of Venus (Italian: Il segno di Venere) is a 1955 Italian comedy film directed by Dino Risi and starring Sophia Loren.

The Magliari Trailer (1959)

23 September 1959

Mario is in Hannover to work as a miner but after loosing his job he decides to go back to Italy. When Totonno steals his passport to avoid the police and later on he offers him a new job as "magliaro" (cloth seller), Mario changes his mind and decides to follow Totonno to Hamburg.

An American in Rome Trailer (1954)

01 January 1954

Nando Moriconi is a young Italian living in the early '50s Roma. He is completely crazy for everything that comes from the States.

The Great War Trailer (1959)

28 October 1959

Italy, 1916. Oreste Jacovacci and Giovanni Busacca are called, as all the Italian youths, to serve the army in the WWI.

Scipio Africanus: The Defeat of Hannibal Trailer (1937)

04 August 1937

A story of the Second Punic Wars, beginning with Scipio's futile pleas to the Roman Senate to build an army to battle Hannibal, that climaxes with the battle of Zama.

The Queens Trailer (1966)

14 September 1966

Four unrelated short comedies by four different directors. "Queen Sabina"chronicles the sexual misadventures of a teenage girl on the road home.

Love on the Riviera Trailer (1958)

27 November 1958

It is Summer. It is the right time for love, especially in a most romantic place as Golfo del Tigullio.

Mafioso Trailer (1962)

24 October 1962

When a good-natured factory supervisor living in Milan with his Northern wife returns to his native Sicily, a decades' old oath forces him to fulfill a nightmarish obligation.

The Marquis of Grillo Trailer (1981)

22 December 1981

The marquess of Grillo is a good-natured, clever and women-loving man who is always inventing stories and cracking all types of jokes.

Il vigile Trailer (1960)

01 January 1960

A Girl in Australia Trailer (1971)

01 January 1971

The film is about an old fashioned Italian with moral values of the 1930/40's ,who has to find a wife in the modern, woman's liberated society of Australia of the 1960/70's.

Complexes Trailer (1965)

15 August 1965

I complessi is a 1965 commedia all'italiana film compesed by three episodes.

The Widower Trailer (1959)

01 January 1959

Alberto Nardi (Alberto Sordi) is a Roman businessman who fancies himself a man of great capabilities, but whose factory (producing lifts and elevators) tethers perennially on the brink of catastrophe.

Il medico della mutua Trailer (1968)

23 October 1968

The Conspirators Trailer (1969)

24 October 1969

Rome, 1825. Bishop Rivarola (Tognazzi) and colonel Nardoni (Salerno) are in charge to suppress liberal revolution.

...And Suddenly It's Murder! Trailer (1960)

13 December 1960

Three couples are involved in a murder at Montecarlo.

Doctor and the Healer Trailer (1957)

04 December 1957

A Pianetta lacks the medical officer, and this until the arrival of Dr. Marchetti. In the country, however, the doctor is already installed Don Antonio, the local healer that with a little 'of psychology, magic potions and tricks is held in high regard, especially by Mafalda that awaits her fiancé Corrado who does not write more since 1942.

Il seduttore Trailer (1954)

29 December 1954

Everybody Go Home Trailer (1960)

27 October 1960

Everybody Go Home (Italian: Tutti a casa) is a 1960 Italian film directed by Luigi Comencini. It features an international cast including the U.

Nestore l'ultima corsa Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

Il marito Trailer (1958)

06 February 1958

Alberto's marriage is a complete failure: his wife Elena is a hard woman influenced by her mother and sister who live with the married couple.

I nostri mariti Trailer (1966)

21 August 1966

Io so che tu sai che io so Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982

The investigations of a private eye shake up the almost broken marriage of a middle aged couple.

Two Nights with Cleopatra Trailer (1953)

14 August 1953

Sophia Loren plays a dual role, as both the sultry Queen of the Nile with a "man-a-night" appetite and a beautiful slave girl who takes her place and is wooed by a bodyguard who thinks she's the real monarch.

A Difficult Life Trailer (1961)

19 December 1961

Silvio Magnozzi is a man so dedicated to his high moral standards that he loses out on most of the things he wants in life -including his wife.

Mamma mia, che impressione! Trailer (1951)

01 January 1951

Le septième ciel Trailer (1958)

05 March 1958

The Police Commissioner Trailer (1962)

21 April 1962

The Scopone Game Trailer (1972)

08 October 1972

The Scopone Game is the English language title of a 1972 Italian drama film directed by Luigi Comencini.

Dove vai in vacanza? Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Bertoldo, Bertoldino e Cacasenno Trailer (1984)

01 January 1984

No overview found.

The Witness Trailer (1978)

20 September 1978

Robert Maurisson killes a young girl who used to pose(as an angel!) for Antonio Berti,a painter in charge of restoring a church.

Oh! Qué mambo Trailer (1959)

13 May 1959

Miguel foils a bank robbery and becomes a successful nightclub singer, but he doesn't know that his wife is being courted by an Italian fitness instructor.

Why Trailer (1971)

27 October 1971

Giuseppe Di Noi, an Italian surveyor living in Switzerland, gets arrested at the border while going back to Italy with his family for a vacation.

Help Me, My Love Trailer (1969)

01 January 1969

Romantic comedy-drama about a husband (Sordi) who is jealous of his wife's (Vitti) infatuation with a Professor.

The Moralist Trailer (1959)

30 June 1959

Agostino is de facto head of a censorship board whose double life as a nightclub owner might raise some questions as to his censorial judgment.

The Art of Getting Along Trailer (1954)

28 December 1954

The Art of Getting Along (Italian: L'arte di arrangiarsi) is a 1954 comedy film directed by Luigi Zai

The Boom Trailer (1963)

30 August 1963

Sweet-sour comedy on Italy's 1950's rage to get rich as fast as possible! The businessman wants to satisfy his wife's craving for luxury and a "respectable life" so he becomes heavily indebted.

The Three Faces Trailer (1965)

12 February 1965

Italian comedy film made of three segments directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, Mauro Bolognini and Franco Indovina.