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Suddenly Paradise Trailer (2003)

19 December 2003

Lorenzo, owner of a firm that makes atmospheric effects for film and television, is a happy bachelor.

The Unknown Woman Trailer (2006)

09 October 2006

Irena, a Ukrainian woman coming to Italy looking for a job as a maid. She does everything she to become a beloved nanny for an adorable little girl Thea.

Department Store Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

A series of skits involving customers and store personnel from several departments of the big department store.

The Cyclone Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

Levante lives in a small city near Florence (Tuscany, Italy) and his life is plain and a bit boring, until the day the twister arrives: a bus with six Spanish flamenco dancers that will twist Levante and his family life.

My Friends Act II Trailer (1982)

22 December 1982

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All My Friends Part 2 (Italian: Amici miei Atto II) is a 1982 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Monicelli.

Fantozzi Still Suffers Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

No overview found.

The Graduates Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

Four thirtyish university students share the same flat in Florence. Leonardo fantasizes about Letizia, a very beautiful girl; Rocco works as a night watchman, Bruno tries to get his degree to please his father in law and Pino dreams of becoming a stand up comedian.

Fuochi d'artificio Trailer (1997)

10 October 1997

Dylan Dog - Victim of Circumstances Trailer (2014)

01 November 2014

Adele is suffering from a terrifying recurring dream; a dream that often borders on reality, and even enters it in the form of horrible visions which climax during an evening stroll in the center of Rome.

Dearest Relatives, Poisonous Relations Trailer (1992)

30 July 1992

Like every year, everyone is going back to the ancestral family's home for the Christmas holidays. But this time, the old folks have a surprise, a good surprise for them.

Da grande Trailer (1987)

23 December 1987

L'ultima ruota del carro Trailer (2013)

14 November 2013

Agadah Trailer (2017)

16 November 2017

Christmas Rematch Trailer (2004)

30 January 2004

The Big Heart of Girls Trailer (2011)

01 January 2011

Albakiara Trailer (2008)

28 October 2008

The Last New Year's Eve Trailer (1998)

06 March 1998

New year's eve at "The Islands" condos. An aging countess's party is crashed by the soccer team from her gigolo's town.

Man on Fire Trailer (1987)

04 September 1987

An ex-CIA agent is hired to protect the daughter of a rich American family.

Who Saw Her Die? Trailer (1972)

12 May 1972

A young girl is brutally murdered somewhere in France. Sometime later, the same thing happens to the daughter of a well-known sculptor.

Simpatici & antipatici Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998

Regalo di Natale Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986

A group of former friends meets again after a very long time, in a Christmas night, with the intent of ripping off a rich industrialist in a game of Poker.

Bollenti spiriti Trailer (1981)

30 December 1981

Giovanni is a rich Italian aristocrat. He inherit a castle occupied by the ghost of an ancestor. Part of the inheritance is of a young beautiful blonde tourist, far relative of Giovanni.

How Long Is the Adventure Trailer (1987)

23 December 1987

In order to get some money Gianni Zappi tries to organize an insurance fraud by drowning his yacht.

Sweet Dreams Trailer (1981)

10 September 1981

Michele Apicella is a young film and theater director, who lives his troubles as an artist. In Italy reach the Eighties, and Michele, who was contestant in the Sixties, now finds himself in a new era full of crisis of values and ignorance.

Something Good: The Mercury Factor Trailer (2013)

07 November 2013

In a small village in China's Yunnan region, Xiwen mourns the sudden loss of her beloved, only child, a young boy poisoned by tainted food.

Willy Signori e Vengo Da Lontano Trailer (1989)

20 December 1989

Scampato a un incidente in cui un uomo è morto, il cronista Willy si fa inoculare un forte senso di colpa dalla fidanzata incinta del defunto e si dedica a lei.

Sweet Pea Trailer (1981)

09 September 1981

Cristiano, aged thirteen, seems to be a teen-ager with clear ideas about his future. One evening he meets May, a stranger, who is probably drunk and, so, she ends up in his bed.

Sandrine nella pioggia Trailer (2008)

19 April 2008

Package, Double Package and Counterpackage Trailer (1993)

22 January 1993

La settima onda Trailer (2018)

24 May 2018

A Journey Called Love Trailer (2002)

03 September 2002

The life and loves of poet Sibilla Aleramo (Laura Morante), focusing on her relationship with Dino Campana (Stefano Accorsi).

The Big Fox Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

Ugo Maria Volpone is a very rich shipowner. He dissimulates to be close to die in order to have the attention of three of his friends: Corvino, Voltore and Corbaccio.

Sogni mostruosamente proibiti Trailer (1982)

29 October 1982

Palla di neve Trailer (1995)

21 December 1995

Snowball, a dolphin, gets into trouble when it swallows a bottle with the records of pension payments owed to Billy Bolla, an aged cruise ship entertainer.

Il fulgore di Dony Trailer (2018)

29 May 2018

Io non ci casco Trailer (2008)

05 December 2008

Men Men Men Trailer (1995)

16 June 1995

This movie about 4 homosexual Italian men does have echos of Boys in the Band. Not all countries are as accepting of gay men as the USA.

7 km da Gerusalemme Trailer (2007)

04 May 2007

China Is Near Trailer (1967)

22 September 1967

A pair of working class lovers - a secretary and an accountant, scheme to marry into the rich landed gentry.

Sposi Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

Per amore, solo per amore Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Le rose del deserto Trailer (2006)

01 January 2006

A sanitary battalion of Italian Army is sent to Sorman oasis in Lybia during the Africa campaign in 1940.

Mirafiori Lunapark Trailer (2015)

27 August 2015

Quando corre Nuvolari Trailer (2018)

23 April 2018

Katja's Adventure Trailer (1999)

07 October 1999

Danish Katja looks for a lost falcon while on vacation in Italy.

The Cardboard Village Trailer (2011)

06 September 2011

Flirt Trailer (1983)

20 September 1983

This is an off-beat story about a ménage à trois that is really a marriage between the traditional two, with one a little schizoid, adding up to three.

Victory March Trailer (1976)

12 March 1976

The drawbacks and difficulties of military life are explored in this film. Paolo Passeri is a college graduate, somewhat spoiled, somewhat effete, who finds himself in an officer training program under the stern martinet, Captain Asciutto.

Quanto è bello lu murire acciso Trailer (1978)

01 January 1978

Ritorno a casa Gori Trailer (1996)

18 October 1996

Mondo Candido Trailer (1975)

21 February 1975

Voltaire, a 16th century author was furious that learned members of a "civilized" society could claim that the apparent senseless violence and mayhem wrought by disasters, war, disease, man's cruelty, etc.

L'amore non basta Trailer (2008)

18 April 2008

Pure as a Lily Trailer (1976)

11 March 1976

Anthony M. Wilson is, for all appearances, an English gentleman. He has a string of tony restaurants in London plus a beautiful house decorated with all the trendy art he can get.

My Italy Trailer (2017)

18 May 2017

A director and his assistant are traveling around Europe to seek financing for a film with and about four international artists: Polish Krzysztof Bednarski, Danish Thorsten Kirchhoff, American Mark Kostabi and Malaysian H.

Christine Cristina Trailer (2009)

01 January 2009

Tough to Kill Trailer (1978)

17 February 1978

A group of mercenaries escort a man with a million dollar bounty on his head across the African terrain.

Ligabue Trailer (1978)

01 April 1978

Ligabue is a 1978 Italian biographical drama film directed by Salvatore Nocita. It depicts real life events of painter Antonio Ligabue.

Mamma Ebe Trailer (1985)

08 April 1985

Leonardo Da Vinci - Il genio a Milano Trailer (2016)

21 April 2016

An exhibit of Da Vinci's works traces the pathways of the great artist's mind.

Un giorno della vita Trailer (2011)

01 January 2011