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To Rome with Love Trailer (2012)

20 April 2012

Four tales unfold in the Eternal City: While vacationing in Rome, architect John encounters a young man whose romantic woes remind him of a painful incident from his own youth; retired opera director Jerry discovers a mortician with an amazing voice, and he seizes the opportunity to rejuvenate his own flagging career; a young couple have separate romantic interludes; a spotlight shines on an ordinary man.

The Immature Trailer (2011)

21 January 2011

Six high school friends who come to the quarantine and have to assume that they are far from their days of glory.

Immaturi - Il viaggio Trailer (2012)

04 January 2012

A group of high school friend after many years go to Paros on holiday.

Nove lune e mezza Trailer (2017)

12 October 2017

Two contrasting visions of life: on the one hand, the "rock" and adventurous of the brave Livia, cellist without maternal instinct; on the other hand, the reassuring routine of his sister Tina, shy urban vigilant with an ardent desire for maternity.

Boris - Il film Trailer (2011)

01 April 2011

A director and his crew attempt to make the transition from the small to the big screen.

Crazy Me Trailer (2013)

24 January 2013

Andrea is having a bad luck with girls. Maybe because he's only man in his big family which include mother, three sisters, grandma, nurse and a dog which is of course female also.

Scrivilo sui muri Trailer (2007)

21 September 2007

Generation 1000 Euros Trailer (2009)

24 April 2009

In Milan, Matteo is an underemployed physicist, giving the occasional lecture at a university while working at a PR firm where he knows he'll be fired.

Ci hai rotto papà Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Tu mi nascondi qualcosa Trailer (2018)

25 April 2018

Ultrà Trailer (1991)

01 March 1991

The "Brigatte Veneno" is a fan group from the soccer club "AS Roma". The next match is against "Juventus Turin", the classic prestige duel.

Workers - Pronti a tutto Trailer (2012)

11 May 2012

Bandits: Love and Liberty Trailer (1994)

23 October 1994

In 1838 in the kingdom of Naples and the Two Sicilies, Malacarne, gamekeeper of Baron San Germano, kills the bandit Caruso, whose widow gives birth to Giovanni and at the same time becomes the nurse of Costanza, San Germano’s orphaned daughter.

Storie sospese Trailer (2015)

03 September 2015

Aspettando il sole Trailer (2008)

01 January 2008

L'amore non basta Trailer (2008)

18 April 2008

Zinì e Amì Trailer (2012)

10 November 2012

Twisted Trailer (2004)

19 March 2004

A psychological thriller about psychically linked, depressed siblings.