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Uns trennt das Leben Trailer (2012)

17 February 2012

The tragic death of the six-year-old Tine joins the fates for three families: The eight-year-old David meets as suspected offender in the psychiatry on the energetic physician Nora, who tries to displace her own problems with his treatment.

Line of Separation Trailer (2015)

04 January 2015

Spring 1945, just before Germany's zero hour. In Tannbach, a fanatical band of Nazi soldiers stages one last murderous attack on their fellow citizens before the arrival of the Americans, who finally end the war.

Keine zweite Chance Trailer (2017)

05 December 2017

München Mord – kein Mensch, kein Problem Trailer (2016)

30 January 2016

Mantrailer - Spuren des Verbrechens Trailer (2013)

24 April 2013