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The Medallion Trailer (2003)

15 August 2003

A Hong Kong detective suffers a fatal accident involving a mysterious medallion and is transformed into an immortal warrior with superhuman powers.

All of a Sudden Trailer (1996)

14 June 1996

An erotic mystery about widower seeks revenge to the man whose wife had an affair before her apparent suicide, however things soon turns complicated when the widower having a relationship with the man's wife and the whole truth would reveals.

Twin Dragons Trailer (1992)

15 January 1992

Twins, separated at birth, end up as a Hong Kong gangster and a New York concert pianist. When the pianist travels to Hong Kong for a concert, the two inevitably get mistaken for each other.

Lucky Stars Go Places Trailer (1986)

20 June 1986

Lucky Stars Go Places, also known as The Luckiest Stars, is a 1986 Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Eric Tsang.

The Accidental Spy Trailer (2001)

18 January 2001

A fun-filled story about an ordinary guy about to kick into an action-packed adventure. Jackie Chan plays a bored and unsuccessful salesman who never thought his life would amount to anything.

Millionaires Express Trailer (1986)

30 January 1986

What happens when a glamorous express, with high government officials, wealthy merchants, concubines and a gang of brigands on board, speeds towards the small town of Hanshui, where escaping bank robbers, corrupt officials, and gamblers await? Well, let's just say the Titanic had a smoother maiden voyage.

Pedicab Driver Trailer (1989)

24 February 1989

Lo Tung and his friend Malted Candy, pedicab drivers working the streets of Macao, have both fallen in love.

1:99 Shorts Trailer (2003)

31 December 2003

Shorts made by 11 directors in order to fight against the SARS epidemy that occurred in China and Hong Kong in 2003.

Z Storm Trailer (2014)

19 June 2014

This is a story about the biggest financial fraud attempted in Hong Kong, directed at the Government of Hong Kong and involved all 7 million Hong Kong citizens.

Her Fatal Ways Trailer (1990)

28 June 1990

Shapely mainland Chinese police inspector Cousin is forced to work with a Hong Kong cop, fighting against him almost until the end credits roll, when she reveals more than her Communist credentials.

The Yuppie Fantasia Trailer (1989)

20 May 1989

Marital ups and downs and extramarital flings provide the background to this uproarious tale of life in an advertising agency.

Strange Bedfellow Trailer (1986)

11 January 1986

1. IDENTIKIT LOVE Chan has difficulties solving the case since the piece of skull was so incomplete. Chan is inspired to use Winnie's feature for double exposure.

Growing Up Trailer (1996)

12 September 1996

A group of friends are starting their senior year in a HK highschool. A new girl is the new student of the school and one of the friends from the group falls in love with her.

Family Light Affair Trailer (1984)

02 February 1984

shaw production

Love Is... Pyjamas Trailer (2012)

11 October 2012

Spring (Teresa Mo) and her daughter, Autumn (Karena Ng), work respectively as a Designer and Steward Manager in a Multinational Enterprise of Men’s Underwear founded by their brother and uncle Hugo(Raymond Wong).

On the Run Trailer (1988)

15 November 1988

When Hsiang Ming's wife is murdered, he takes up the hunt for her killer. The killer turns out to not be at all like he imagined, and suddenly he has unsuspected enemies who are after him.

Pom Pom and Hot Hot Trailer (1992)

21 October 1992

Shin (Jacky Cheung) and Chiang (Stephen Tung Wai) are happy-go-lucky partners investigating a particularly notorious crime syndicate.

The Banquet Trailer (1991)

30 November 1991

Developer Tsang Siu-Chi (Eric Tsang) and his agent (Jacky Cheung) have bought two of a group of four properties.

Perfect Education 3 Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

A lonely young Japanese student, Ai Narushima (Kana Ito) goes on a field trip with her school. At night she decides to take a taxi into the city.

His Fatal Ways Trailer (1991)

13 September 1991

A righteous straight-laced China Public Security officer with supernatural powers is sent to Hong Kong to catch two ruthless thieves.

One Husband Too Many Trailer (1988)

31 March 1988

After the box office success of Happy Bigamist in 1987, Anthony Chan follows up with more 80s rom-com shenanigans in One Husband Too Many.

Golden Chicken Trailer (2002)

26 December 2002

After his attempted robbery runs aground, a thief takes a shine to his would-be victim -- a charming prostitute -- who begins to tell him her life story.

It's Now or Never Trailer (1992)

17 September 1992

Rose (amazing Cheung Man) heads up a gang of be-bopping teddy girls who are constantly getting into trouble with the law.

A Queer Story Trailer (1997)

16 January 1997

A drama considering the social implications of being gay in China.

Behind the Yellow Line Trailer (1984)

03 October 1984

Leslie is Simon, a mild mannered guy starting a new job and taking care of his mom and dad. He catches a glimpse of a pretty girl named Monica at the MTR station--and it's love at first sight.

A Tale from the East Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

The Little Princess and her bodyguard Jiang travel 200 years from the past to the present day. They are relentlessly pursued by the evil General Shea Hai, a vicious and seemingly indestructible puffy-faced Blood Devil demon who wants to get his hands on a magical pearl the Little Princess possesses.

Let's Make Laugh II Trailer (1985)

01 January 1985

shaw production

Old Master Q 2001 Trailer (2001)

05 April 2001

"Master Q" is a popular comic book series character in Hong Kong. Each comic book is usually made up of many different situational stories, with 8 frmaes making up a story in 1 page.

Spooky, Spooky Trailer (1988)

19 October 1988

Years ago, a village head in the Hong Kong countryside executed a man for committing adultery by drowning him in the ocean.

Let's Make Laugh Trailer (1983)

02 September 1983

shaw production

Pretty Ghost Trailer (1991)

21 March 1991

Building Inspector Tony (Tony Leung Ka Fai) investigates an old abandoned building in a deserted plant site and falls victim to a restless demon, who wants to resurrect into Tony's body.

The Contract Lover Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

Kate stars opposite Richie Ren (or Jen, depending on what rocks your boat), as couple Rachel and Fat.

Love at Seventh Sight Trailer (2009)

03 November 2009

He is an audio technician, an unromantic man looking for the most romantic sound on earth. In an unexpected encounter, he comes across two of the most romantic things—- a beautiful recreational vehicle and its beautiful owner.

Carry on Doctors and Nurses Trailer (1985)

05 September 1985

This film is a Hong Kong version of the British Carry On films, this one specifically set in a hospital.

Men Suddenly in Black 2 Trailer (2006)

08 September 2006

All's Well, Ends Well '97 Trailer (1997)

06 February 1997

Old Mr. Lo has three sons and the youngest one Lo Kung is his favorite. However, Kung does nothing but fool around all day long.

Changing Partner Trailer (1992)

23 January 1992

Two mismatched Hong Kong police detectives, Yau and Yue, were assigned to work undercover as a live-in couple to track down a serial killer accused of murdering adulterers.

Happy Family Trailer (2002)

07 March 2002

A deep pool of family secrets overruns its banks as two young lovers decide to tie the knot. But, sorting truth from deception leaves everyone gasping for breath.

The Two Individual Package Women Trailer (2003)

20 March 2003

This is a story of two women and their different ways of dealing with loneliness. Christy (Sharla Cheung) meets two new guys after she is dumped by her boyfriend Johnny.

No Problem Trailer (1999)

27 November 1999

After Reiko moves from Japan to Hong Kong to start working for Jackie Chan, her boyfriend Daijiro, in a fit of jealousy, hops on a plane and heads for Hong Kong himself.

Dances with Dragon Trailer (1991)

19 December 1991

Aaron, a young, successful Chinese businessman, drifts on to a rural island after a scuba accident. Mistaken for an illegal immigrant, he is forced to take refuge in a small, family-run grocery store.

Shark Busters Trailer (2002)

28 November 2002

TC Lee, a senior policeman whose mounting debts are making headlines in the local press. Lee's not the only person in trouble at his police station, where a handful of colleagues are paying off the bank or worse, are becoming locked into repayments to gangland debt collectors.

Her Fatal Ways 2 Trailer (1991)

13 June 1991

Do Do Cheng, the loyal mainland public security official, has returned to ger backwater county from an exciting but successful trip to Hong Kong.

Bodyguards of the Last Governor Trailer (1996)

19 October 1996

A political satire on Hong Kong before the 1997 takeover. Two bodyguards compete to protect the governor while the governor romances the political women.

Her Fatal Ways 4 Trailer (1994)

28 April 1994

In this third sequel, Mainland cop and perennial straight-woman Cheng decides on a civilian life in Hong Kong, but her immigration quickly proves comical.

Prince Charming Trailer (1984)

18 April 1984

A year after her second place finish in the Miss Hong Kong contest one of the women being pursued by Chen Li Pen and Lolanto.

In Between Loves Trailer (1989)

14 October 1989

This film is about cab driver Lung who is more than a little scarily obsessed with anchorperson Jenny Tung, played by Maggie Cheung.

Soul Trailer (1986)

25 September 1986

Ip Cheung and her husband, a senior police inspector, had been happily married for 18 years. One day, Ip runs into her neighbour, a Taiwanese woman.

To Err Is Humane Trailer (1987)

03 December 1987

Sammo and Kenny are lowly employees if a jewelry shop. Sammo too often is the target of abuse from the manageress.

Mr. Virgin Trailer (1984)

08 July 1984

Shaw Brothers production

The Happy Bigamist Trailer (1987)

17 April 1987

Ah Sun of the drama society leads a dramatic private life off-stage as well as on. His ex-wife Kong loses her last cent in business; and after going bankrupt is left without a place to stay.

The Saviour Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980

Inspectors Tong (Shaw Brothers regular Pai Ying) and Cheng (Kent Cheng) are investing a psychopathic serial killer who has been raping and murdering prostitutes.

Queen's Bench III Trailer (1990)

02 November 1990

After scoring a massive HK$20 million at the box office with the hit comedy Her Fatal Ways in 1990, the golden trio of Tony Leung Ka Fai, Carol Cheng ("Dodo"), and Alfred Cheung returned later that year with another winner in Queen's Bench III.

Her Fatal Ways 3 Trailer (1993)

10 June 1993

Crack mainland policewoman Do Do Cheng is given a top secret assignment: go to Hong Kong and look after the safety of an old Mr.

Truant Heroes Trailer (1992)

20 February 1992

The war against organized crime in Hong Kong has opened a new front: the school. And police Commandant Wong orders officer Kin to go under cover as a school teacher.

Paper Marriage Trailer (1988)

31 March 1988

An illegal immigrant in Hong Kong, unable to get a Green Card, is subjected to humiliation, and does odd things to survive - like taking part in a mud wrestling match.

The Nocturnal Demon Trailer (1990)

22 December 1990

Directed by Ricky Lau, who made the 'Mr Vampire' movies and 'Spooky Encounters 2' with Sammo Hung. This offers a mix of slasher film, martial arts action and wacky comedy.