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Abandonó los estudios de Medicina para ingresar a los 18 años en la compañía teatral de Ernesto Vilches. Tras finalizar la Guerra Civil Española, donde llegó a ser teniente de Aviación. Inicia su carrera profesional siendo uno de los galanes favoritos de los directores del régimen franquista. Alcanzó una gran fama en la posguerra por encarnar el prototipo de galán militar y heroico y del franquismo. Debutó en 1935, pero su consagración llegó en 1941 con Raza, de José Luis Sáenz de Heredia. Tras ésta llegó A mí la legión (1942), de Juan de Orduña, con el que protagonizó también La leona de Castilla (1951), junto a Amparo Rivelles. Otras de sus películas son la extraordinaria La caza (1965), de Carlos Saura, Peppermint Frappé (1967), también de Saura, o Los desafíos (1969), dirigida por Víctor Erice. Participó en más de 250 películas.

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Charge! Trailer (1973)

01 March 1973

Captain Chadwell, Lieutenant Junger and Sergeant Smith are sent by Washington to help their colleagues of Fort Apache to recover stolen arms.

Revolt of the Mercenaries Trailer (1961)

27 July 1961

In this drama, a widowed duchess finds herself drawn to leader of a mercenary band. The cavalier leader offers to save her from her avaricious, land-grabbing neighbor, but then suddenly goes to work for him when the neighbor pays a hire price.

In the Folds of the Flesh Trailer (1970)

02 May 1970

The guests of a villa are killed off one by one by their hosts. Incest, decapitations and a cyanide bath feature amongst the other bizarre delights.

Vera, un cuento cruel Trailer (1974)

05 June 1974

South of France, XIX century. Alfredo de Quiroga, a Spanish gentleman in exile, is reluctant to admit that Vera, his wife, has died.

Red Gold Trailer (1978)

18 August 1978

A boatswain finds himself stranded on an island. Though surrounded by starving, and poor islanders, the boatswain soon learns that the misery is not caused by the people themselves, but rather by a pack of blood-thirsty pirates.

The Cantabrians Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980

In this film Paul Naschy embodies the Roman general Agrippa Vipsanio in a fierce battle against the tribal leaders Cantabrians, Corocota.

The Apolitical Man Trailer (1977)

02 May 1977

Enrique Tolosa is a boss administrator of a small company which employs 50 workers. There never has gotten into politics, has made ​​himself stood professionally and created a family and no one has asked opinion on how would be the destiny of their country.

Este cura Trailer (1968)

06 June 1968

Soledad has returned to the city single and with a son. Her father has taken she home, and the people village are trying to Major ejects she from the place.

Vida conyugal sana Trailer (1974)

06 June 1974

A Bell From Hell Trailer (1973)

01 October 1973

A young man is released from an asylum and returns home for revenge on his aunt and her three daughters, who had him declared insane in order to steal his inheritance.

Entre dos amores Trailer (1972)

17 December 1972

The Remains from the Shipwreck Trailer (1978)

06 June 1978

Whatever his reasons or intent, when the young man carrying a cello begins working at the old-folks home, he strikes up an acquaintance with the man known as "the Maestro" (Fernando Fernan Gomez), who is full of plans to produce a play based on a Caribbean love affair and adventure in his youth.

Attack of the Robots Trailer (1966)

27 April 1966

A mad scientist uses his army of mechanical monsters to control people who have Type O blood.

Agente Logan - missione Ypotron Trailer (1966)

28 August 1966

Agent Lemmy Logan is investigating the case of a missing NASA scientist and discovers that an ex nazi is developing a new super weapon.

Volveré a nacer Trailer (1973)

22 September 1973

Mónica, the manager and wife of singer Álex, plans a publicity stunt that goes awry. When her husband shoots a rival singer with a gun supposedly filled with blanks, the singer is killed with live ammo.

Sabata the Killer Trailer (1970)

12 September 1970

After giving a ride to a man who recently ripped-off his thieving business partner, Sabata and his buddy are unaware that a group of men have been hired to kill them and bring back the loot!

The Hunt Trailer (1966)

07 November 1966

Three men go hunting rabbits during a hot day. Heat and talking about events happened in the past make them angry, until they go totally crazy.

Tooth and Nail Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

The second feature length movie of Paulino Viota, this is a disillusioned and biting look at the years of Spanish democratic transition, narrated in a dry and scrawny style that shows the political intrigues, struggles and frustrated hopes of the first years of Spanish transition to democracy.

¡A mí la legión! Trailer (1942)

11 May 1942

In North Africa, in a detachment of the Legion (the 4th Flag), the Grajo, the legionary more courageous, and Mauro, who just joined, become close friends.

Hell Commandos Trailer (1969)

07 June 1969

Spanish-Italian war movie.

Voodoo Black Exorcist Trailer (1974)

12 June 1974

The mummy of long dormant, but powerful Caribbean voodoo priest Gatanebo gets revived on a luxury South Seas ocean liner as a big buff bald guy and proceeds to terrorize the passengers.

Peppermint Frappe Trailer (1967)

09 October 1967

Julian, a middle-aged single doctor, meets his childhood friend Pablo again. The latter is back from Africa and has just married a beautiful young blonde, Elena.

El Cid cabreador Trailer (1983)

19 December 1983

The Seventh Page Trailer (1950)

01 January 1950

Chronicle of the daily activity of a newspaper called "La Jornada". Through the events covered by the gossip columnist that occupy precisely the seventh page, a portrait emerges of different classes of Spain in the 50's and a vision of reality where facts are mixed comedy, police, emotional, dramatic and even tragic.

Hombre acosado Trailer (1952)

07 July 1952

Javier is crazy in love for Bibiana, a beautifull acctress who is foing out with a wicked buisiness man.

The teacher and the miracle Trailer (1957)

08 November 1957

Don Juan, a widowed teacher asks for a transfer to the capital as he wants his child to study and have a better future.

Esa maldita costilla Trailer (1999)

04 December 1999

Legions of the Nile Trailer (1960)

06 June 1960

Octavio secretly sent his consul Curridio to Alexandria in a final attempt to reach peace. In the city, he meets Berenice, a mysterious and beautiful dancer who falls in love.

Raza Trailer (1942)

05 January 1942

Espionage in Lisbon Trailer (1965)

30 October 1965

An international gang pretends to have the means to destroy a small country in 30 seconds. The authorities have reason to believe this may be true, and the spying battle is on.

Pasión Trailer (1977)

21 February 1977

Badmen of the West Trailer (1964)

01 January 1964

I Brutos arrive in the town of Fresno during a gunfight and mistakenly think it is a celebration of their arrival and start shooting their guns and kill all the villains and the town undertaker.

Teresa de Jesus Trailer (1961)

01 January 1961

Malena es un Nombre de Tango Trailer (1996)

12 April 1996

The attractive Malena listen to after telling the history of her life. Her treasure is not just an emerald that she inherits from her grandfather, but the key to discover the path of her existence, the eternal fight with her sister, and the passionate relationships with men.

Una muchachita de Valladolid Trailer (1958)

25 September 1958

Mercedes is a very simple girl from Valladolid who marries a plenipotentiary minister. They are in America with the mission to seize some oil concessions.

El camino de Babel Trailer (1945)

19 February 1945

On the day that they receive their university diplomas, three young men make a bet: they are to marry a rich woman and meet again one year later.

Audiencia pública Trailer (1946)

01 January 1946

An unusual trial is held against two women who claim the custody of a child, a son of single mother. Both have very different social positions: one is a lady of high society, the other a nurse at a maternity clinic.

Deliciosamente tontos Trailer (1943)

30 April 1943

A young couple who doesn´t know each other prepare their wedding in order to receive an inheritance.

Suspenso en comunismo Trailer (1956)

23 January 1956

The story of two students in a school of terrorism installed in the south of France and considered a "sanctuary" and not by the Virgin of Lourdes, sent to Spain to fulfill a dark mission that failed dismally when mistaken for a priest with his link.

Mission Bloody Mary Trailer (1965)

13 August 1965

Agent 077 - Mission Bloody Mary or Agente 077 missione Bloody Mary is a 1965 Italian action spy adventure film.

El Abanderado Trailer (1943)

01 January 1943

Daoíz and Velarde captains of army of Spain in 2 May 1808 attacked Napoleon mamelucos force in Park of Monteleon Madrid.

Bullet in the Flesh Trailer (1967)

01 January 1967

The Masters and the Cherokees living in relative peace until a key member of this tribe falls in love with a woman from the Masters family.

Las últimas horas Trailer (1966)

01 May 1966

El frente de los suspiros Trailer (1942)

01 January 1942

Servando, a young Galician who acts as judge in Seville, discovers while snooping old files, a case of suicide a little suspicious.

Debla, la virgen gitana Trailer (1951)

24 March 1951

Through a pictoric play, this movie tells the story about the painter Eduardo Miranda who, one night, while he was lokking to a gipsy group that was dancing, discovers a beautifull girl called Carmen.

No le busques tres pies... Trailer (1968)

01 January 1968

The lieutenant Miguel Aguirre's dream is to become a military pilot, but a dispute with a superior is about to make him abandon his studies, had it not been for the intervention of his mother and his girlfriend, Luisa.

Smashing Up Trailer (1968)

17 March 1968

Matilde is a former prostitute who gets married to an american soldier with an uncertain future, due to the possibility of being recruited to the Vietnam War.

Robinson et le triporteur Trailer (1960)

02 March 1960

Alerta en el cielo Trailer (1961)

26 May 1961

A child suffering from leukemia craves getting on a plane, so at a U.S. base located in Zaragoza will make the kid a favor and grant his wish.

My Dear Killer Trailer (1972)

03 February 1972

Following a mysterious decapitation (via mechanical digger) of an insurance investigator, Police Inspector Peretti is put onto the case.

Un paso al frente Trailer (1960)

31 October 1960

Rafael, Miguel and Gabriel are three boys of different social status, who come to the call of the Flags of Hunters Parachute enroll in their ranks.

¡Harka! Trailer (1941)

12 April 1941

Malvaloca Trailer (1942)

14 September 1942

Robin Hood, Arrows, Beans and Karate Trailer (1973)

19 October 1973

Sam and Buddy, two highway robbers, join with Colonel Quint, a big crook, who sold his services to Morgan, the banker, in order to free Baby, the banker's daughter, abducted by Espartero and his killers gang.

Poppers Trailer (1984)

14 October 1984

Terapia al desnudo Trailer (1975)

25 April 1975

Chicas de alquiler Trailer (1974)

11 November 1974

La espuela Trailer (1976)

01 February 1976

Encounters in the Deep Trailer (1979)

04 April 1979

An oceanographer diving in the Bermuda Triangle discovers an undersea world.

¿Quién soy yo? Trailer (1970)

13 April 1970

Mario Colomer, prime minister, is burdened by overwork. His problems seem solved when his assistants tell him about Juan Brandel, a possible substitute, just like him physically, but with a funnier and more adventurous personality.