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Treasure Island Trailer (1971)

01 December 1971

Based upon the story by R. L. Stevenson, the film shows Orson Welles as Long John Silver, pirate chief, who would like to find hidden treasure.

Armed and Very Dangerous Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

America’s Wild West of the last third of the 19th century. Thousands of people rushed here in pursuit of enrichment.

Nobody Wanted to Die Trailer (1965)

04 September 1965

The film is set in Lithuania after the Second World War. It shows dramatic events in a small Lithuanian farming community, where people are split between the Soviets and the "brothers in the woods", who are fighting to defend their land from the Soviets after the end of the Second World War.

Failure of Engineer Garin Trailer (1973)

15 October 1973

A Russian engineer Petr Garin possesses a unique beam-shooting weapon that can destroy any target. His goal is to achieve world domination with the help of this weapon.

Interception Trailer (1986)

06 June 1986

A top American spy is in charge of a delicate mission. The USA plans to infiltrate several U-boats in the sea of Vladivostok, however they need the soviet surveillance satellite to stay 'blind' for a couple of hours, so this spy is sent to damage the antenna for the satellite.

The Arrows of Robin Hood Trailer (1975)

06 June 1975

With a traditional archery contest, the winner wins a silver arrow with gold lace and gold feathers. Even Robin Hood, although unrecognizable, takes part in this competition.

Secrets of Madame Wong Trailer (1986)

09 June 1986

Police commissioner is fighting a criminal group leaded by mysterious Madame Vong while looking for a treasure hidden by pirates hundreds of years ago.

Northern Crusades Trailer (1972)

20 December 1972

Historical epic about the uprising of the Prussians agains the Teutonic crusaders.

The Favorite Trailer (1985)

01 September 1985

A clown leaves the circus where he performed for many years. Accompanied by his nephew and white puddle Arto, he starts performing street shows to earn for living.

The Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982

Ivanhoe is the story of one of the remaining Saxon noble families at a time when the nobility in England was overwhelmingly Norman.

The Black Arrow Trailer (1985)

12 May 1985

Adventurous movie based on classical Robert Louis Stevenson novel.

Nazis and Blondes Trailer (2008)

09 May 2008

Veteran actors from the 3 Baltic countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - gather at a castle in Latvia to receive awards for their roles as Nazi villains in propagandist Soviet war films.

Vienos dienos kronika Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

An academic heads to Leningrad to attend the funeral of an old friend.

Feelings Trailer (1968)

06 June 1968

The Second World War is ending. Widower Kasparas moves in with his brother Andrius, who lives on the other side of the bay where the German occupation has already ended.

The Hijacking of 'Savoy' Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Polish schoolboy Janek, and Russian girl Tanya are traveling by a plane which ended up in the hands of a gang of drug dealers headed by ex Nazi criminal Henrich Scharf.

Diamonds for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat Trailer (1977)

01 January 1977

1921. There is already an organization investigating the misappropriation of valuables – GOKHRAN. It became known to the Chekists that somebody is trafficking gold, silver and diamonds from Russia to London and Paris.

If the Enemy Doesn't Surrender... Trailer (1982)

26 December 1982

A story about one of the big battles of WWII.

A Small Confession Trailer (1971)

01 June 1971

A movie about two friends, high school seniors - Benas and Arunas and their relationship with beautiful Rasa.