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​   Amanda Pays (born 6 June 1959) is an English actress.

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Leviathan Trailer (1989)

17 March 1989

Underwater deep-sea miners encounter a Soviet wreck and bring back a dangerous cargo to their base on the ocean floor with horrifying results.

Max Headroom - 20 Minutes into the Future Trailer (1985)

04 April 1985

The film introduces Edison Carter (Matt Frewer), a television reporter trying to expose corruption and greed.

The Flash 2 - Revenge of the Trickster Trailer (1991)

18 September 1991

Thirteen at Dinner Trailer (1985)

19 September 1985

Actress Jane Wilkinson wants a divorce, but her husband, Lord Edgware, refuses. She convinces Hercule Poirot to use his famed tact and logic to make her case.

Exposure Trailer (1991)

01 June 1991

American photojournalist Peter Mandrake becomes embroiled in Brazil's dangerous underworld of pimps, drug gangs and arms smugglers when he sets out to find the killer of a local call girl.

Off Limits Trailer (1988)

11 March 1988

McGriff and Albaby are probably doing the worst law enforcement job in the world - they are plain clothes U.

The Flash Trailer (1990)

04 November 1990

Barry Allen, crime lab detective, is transformed into the Flash, the fastest man alive, and takes on the Dark Riders, a motorcycle gang terrorizing Central City.

The Kindred Trailer (1987)

09 January 1987

Amanda's deathbed request to her son, John, was for him to destroy all the lab notes etc. from her last experiment.

Oxford Blues Trailer (1984)

24 August 1984

A young American hustler in Las Vegas spots a rich English Lady. Smitten, he pursues her to England, where his only chance of getting together with her is to enroll in Oxford and join the rowing team.

The Cold Room Trailer (1984)

27 September 1984

A girl brought to modern Germany experiences events that occurred during the World War II era.

Dead on the Money Trailer (1991)

17 June 1991

An actress is persuaded by a charming man to join him in a scheme of revenge against his cousin.

Spacejacked Trailer (1997)

12 November 1997

The luxury space cruiser Star Princess' maiden voyage is sabotaged when the treacherous second make, Alex Barnes (Corbin Bernsen), kills the captain and "spacejacks" the ship.

A.D. Trailer (1985)

31 March 1985

Set just after the death of Jesus Christ, this mini-series chronicles the life & adventures of Jesus's disciples, and events in Rome during the reigns of the Emperors Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero.

I Know My Son Is Alive Trailer (1994)

20 February 1994

Real-life husband and wife Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays play a couple whose life is torn apart by the disappearance of their new-born son.

Subterfuge Trailer (1996)

23 February 1996

Scuba-diver turned beach-bum Jonathan Slade is forced back into his previous milieu - the world of international espionage - in order to retrieve Black Boxes from an American jetliner that crashed under mysterious circumstances into the Black Sea.

Ablaze Trailer (2001)

18 July 2001

Computer Dreams Trailer (1988)

07 September 1988

A documentary about the exciting possibilities of computer animation and the shaping of never befores

Solitaire for 2 Trailer (1995)

10 February 1995

Katie can read minds. Being desirable, the male minds she reads are all thinking of one thing. She always responds by hitting them and storming off without explanation.

Privateer 2: The Darkening Trailer (1996)

17 May 1996

Ser Lev Arris wakes up in a hospital on the planet Crius and has no idea who he is and where he is coming from.

The Flash III: Deadly Nightshade Trailer (1992)

31 December 1992

The Scarlet Speedster teams up with the city's previous superhero, The Nightshade, in two adventures.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgehill Trailer (1985)

15 December 1985

Eustace and Dorrie Edgehill have decided to leave Samola, a British protectorate in the Pacific. After the failure of his latest harebrained scheme, no one is likely to give Eustace a job now.