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Cat Collection's House Trailer (2017)

08 April 2017

In Neko Atsume no Ie, Atsushi Ito stars as Masaru Sakamoto, a novelist who moves to the countryside to try to combat a bad case of writer's block.

The Werewolf Game: Lovers Trailer (2017)

28 January 2017

Contestants in "The Werewolf Game" have to kill each other to win. These contestants have experience in similar slaughter games.

Stray Dogz 5 Trailer (2017)

14 January 2017

In the past, Tukasa entered numerous fake marriages and divorces to steal money from loan sharks. He has many records of marriage and divorce on his family register.

Neko Samurai 2: A Tropical Adventure Trailer (2015)

18 July 2015

The Edo period. Once a famous swordsman, Kyutaro Madarame, aka “Madara the Devil,” is now a masterless samurai.

Sukimasuki Trailer (2015)

07 February 2015

Heisaku is a university student. He is obsessed with peeping on his neighbor Fumio through the cracks in her curtain.

Stray Dogz 4 Trailer (2016)

10 December 2016

Stray Dogz 3 Trailer (2016)

21 May 2016

Tukasa works for Tadaomy’s loan shark company. He picks up more female debtors because of his appealing looks.

Stray Dogz 2 Trailer (2016)

09 April 2016

Tadaomy works as a loan shark. He hires Tukasa to work for him. One day, Tadaomy’s debtor, Okabayashi, asks to borrow two million yen more.

The Werewolf Game: The Villagers Side Trailer (2013)

26 October 2013

Airi (Nanami Sakuraba) is a high school student. On the way home from school, Airi is kidnapped by someone.

The Werewolf Game: Prison Break Trailer (2016)

02 July 2016

Akari Inui and other students are kidnapped and imprisoned. They are forced to take part in a game to kill and survive.

The Werewolf Game: The Beast Side Trailer (2014)

30 August 2014

10 high school students including Yuka Kabayama are suddenly led to a room and must play the jinrou game.

Stray Dogz Trailer (2015)

01 August 2015

Tadaomy Ando became a yakuza boss at a young age. Because of his subordinate, he quit the yakuza. Now, he learns from Takashi Konaka the trade of illegal money lending and how to collect debts.

The Werewolf Game: Crazy Fox Trailer (2015)

05 December 2015

Ayaka Morii and others students have no choice but to play the Jinro Game. Their lives are at stake in the game.

Joker Game Trailer (2012)

22 December 2012

All seniors at a high school stay together at a camp, including student Chinatsu. On their first day, the home room teacher announces that all the students must play the card game "Old Maid".