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Ana Álvarez, is a Spanish actress and a model born on 19 November 1969 in Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. Álvarez moved to Madrid when she was about 13 years old. After she finished her studies, she entered the world of fashion and started in the movie business from being a model. When Ana was only 17, she went to Japan, hired by an agency where she worked for four months, then she moved to Paris and other European capital cities which only strengthened her career as a model. In 1987 the director Antonio Giménez-Rico was searching for a long dark haired Andalusian girl, for the movie Jarrapellejos. In 1989 she then appeared in the Spanish comedy Aquí huele a muerto with a Spanish comedy act called Martes y Trece (Tuesday & 13). The same year Alvarez participated in Sólo o en compañía de otros, from Santiago San Miguel. At the end of 1990, she took part in the Televisión Española production film Don Juan en los infiernos, a free adaptation by Gonzalo Suárez of Molière's Don Juan. Álvarez starred in a film called The dead mother with director Juanma Bajo Ulloa, co-starring Karra Ejalde and Silvia Marsó. The film is about a young intellectually disabled person who sees her mother assassinated in the house after she discovers a thief. In the spring of 1994, Ana worked with director Ricardo Franco in the comedy ¡"Oh, Cielos"! with Jesús Bonilla, el Gran Wyoming and Angela Molina. In 1995 she appeared in the Hispanic-German production Vivir al límite with film director Michael Guman, and later that same year Brujas came out, which starred Penélope Cruz and Beatriz Carvajal. Then 1998 saw the release of Cha, cha, chá with Eduardo Noriega and Jorge Sanz. In 2000, she worked in A galope tendido and 2001 in Las amargas lágrimas de Petra von Kant.

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GAL Trailer (2006)

03 November 2006

Based on actual events, two journalists investigate the Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberacion (GAL), Spain's government-funded hit squad who engaged in a conflict with the Basque terrorist organization Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) in the mid-1980s.

Crusader Trailer (2005)

23 August 2005

The World Of Mass Communication Is About To Become Unplugged.

A Sweet Scent of Death Trailer (1999)

13 December 1999

Early morning in the oat fields of Carranco, Ramón runs into the dead body of his secret teenage love Adela.

Brujas Trailer (1996)

26 April 1996

Three women from three different generations and walks of life find themselves in a very hot, semi-deserted Spanish town.

Cha-cha-chá Trailer (1998)

06 September 1998

A lawyer pays a visit to Matti Ojanperä (Matti Pellonpää), a bum living under a bridge in the Helsinki harbour, to inform him that he is about to inherit an American aunt of his.

I Get Off at the Next Stop, What About You? Trailer (1992)

13 November 1992

A divorcing couple remembers the best years of their lives.

It Smells like Someone Died Here . . . But it Wasn't Me! Trailer (1990)

26 January 1990

Sinfín Trailer (2005)

12 October 2005

15 years after of its breakdown, a music band have a second chance of exit.

La madre muerta Trailer (1993)

05 November 1993

Ismael Lopez (Elejaldo), a petty criminal, shoots and kills a painting restorer during a bungled burglary, and shoots her daughter as well.

Alan dies at the end of the movie Trailer (2007)

14 December 2007

Suspicious Minds Trailer (2010)

20 April 2010

Don Juan in Hell Trailer (1991)

25 June 1991

While the last remnants of the Empire are extinguishing and King Philip II (1559-1598) is dying in the shadow of lost splendor, a man, defying the divine and human justice, turns his passions into fate and his will into law.

Tierno verano de lujurias y azoteas Trailer (1992)

28 October 1992

Prime Time Trailer (2008)

25 December 2008

Cota roja Trailer (2004)

15 January 2004

Alas rotas Trailer (2002)

20 September 2002

Enciende mi pasión Trailer (1994)

07 October 1994

El tesoro Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

Los peores años de nuestra vida Trailer (1994)

09 September 1994

Alberto lives with his parents and his brother Roberto, quite attractive, who tells him there are lots of girls.

¡Oh, cielos! Trailer (1995)

26 May 1995

Mátame mucho Trailer (1998)

06 February 1998

El rey del río Trailer (1995)

24 February 1995

An air-hostess is pregnant but she does not know the name of the father, a foreigner. When the baby is born, she gives it to her sister that has already two children.

At Full Gallop Trailer (2000)

07 July 2000

A railway clerk gets his chance to be a cowboy when he suspects his boss of unethical reasons for wanting to close down the office.