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Spargrisarna kan rädda världen Trailer (2016)

17 December 2016

Den enskilde medborgaren Trailer (2006)

09 January 2006

Insurance Director Stig Roxby is worth a hundred times more than an ordinary high school teacher. But he doesn't think that's enough, but sees himself forced to work with four other director colleagues to lift the bonus cap to be even more valuable.

Träsmak Trailer (1983)

27 October 1983

A sketch show by Swedish comedy group Aftershave och Galenskaparna

Jul Jul Jul Trailer (2002)

25 December 2002

Merry Christmas! it says so well, now that it's Christmas again. Christmas concerts or amaryllis, which are most common? We do not know.

Galenskaparna After Shave : Hagmans konditori Trailer (2013)

11 September 2013

Leif Trailer (1987)

26 June 1987

The weaponfactory in Rotum is selling weapons illegal, a person called 'Leif' writes in the local newspaper.

Alla ska bada Trailer (1997)

04 October 1997

Alla ska bada hade premiär den 4 oktober 1997. Föreställningen tar sin början under mitten av 1930-talet när Frans-Oskar Bryssel föds.

Kasinofeber Trailer (2003)

20 February 2003

20 years together! That is something to celebrate and that is exactly what Galenskaparna och After Shave did by performing a new play, with completely new material and a set of completely new characters.

Åke från Åstol Trailer (1998)

06 October 1998

På ön Åstol är allt frid och fröjd. Där bor omkring tvåhundra människor. En sådan människa är Åke.

Allt möjligt Trailer (2001)

17 February 2001

One act after another, without having anything to do with one another. Just as it should be.

Macken: Roy's & Roger's Car Service Trailer (1990)

21 December 1990

Two brothers run a filling station with several odd customers.

Monopol Trailer (1996)

29 November 1996

Egil (Knut Agnred) is just an ordinary painter. But one day, when he's about to paint a fence, incredible stuff starts to happen!

Cyklar Trailer (1985)

27 April 1985

Cyklar is a film of a sketch show by the Swedish group Aftershave och Galenskaparna

Hajen som visste för mycket Trailer (1989)

29 June 1989

Samuel Plottner is a stockdealer who only wants to get richer, but suddenly things starts to get complicated: His sons meets their longlost mother which not only is after Samuels money, but also can tell them what happened to them the day they were borned.

Skruven är lös Trailer (1982)

27 September 1982

Filmed sketch show by Aftershave och Galenskaparna

Stinsen brinner... filmen alltså Trailer (1991)

03 March 1991

Stinsen Brinner Trailer (1987)

24 October 1987

Axel Hansson is burning. Burning with enthusiasm. Enthusiassm for trains. So when the decision to close down his station he keeps working and pretends that nothing has happened.