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Sex, Party and Lies Trailer (2009)

27 March 2009

A youth group is preparing for what will be the summer of their life, including secrets, lies, sex, confusion, evenings and holidays.

Rough Winds Trailer (2006)

24 March 2006

The story of a man and the relation he has with his housekeeper.

Una Palabra Tuya Trailer (2008)

22 August 2008

The role of Milagros (Esperanza Pedreño) is really very touching, creating a bond between the audience and the reality of the character and plot, on the other hand Rosario (Malena Alterio), his mother (Maria Alfonso Rosso), the first is all plot, also Morsa (Antonio De la Torre) is a ground for Rosario and makes the film a tragedy for life which ended in abiding by what comes.

The Whore and The Whale Trailer (2004)

01 April 2004

A Spanish writer finds an old coffer with photographs of an Argentine man who fought and died in the Spanish Civil War, and of a woman.

Seven Minutes Trailer (2009)

12 June 2009

¿Bastan 7 minutos para enamorarse? Los protagonistas de esta comedia coral y romántica no lo tienen claro.

Your Next Live Trailer (2004)

30 January 2004

A fight over the calf of a prize milk cow in the close-knit and traditional Pas Valley of Cantabria leaves a cantankerous dairy farmer dead and another fearful of arrest.

Todos estamos invitados Trailer (2008)

11 April 2008

Spain. The Basque Country. Sometime in the 90s. Josu Jon, a young member of a terrorist organization, has suffered an almost complete memory loss after being wounded in a shooting with the Spanish police.

Second Skin Trailer (1999)

13 December 1999

Diego is a doctor who has fallen in love with a married man with a son. Against the advice of his boss and best friend, he continues his affair with Alberto.

El Love feroz o Cuando los hijos juegan al amor Trailer (1975)

25 August 1975

Lucky Star Trailer (1997)

30 May 1997

Marina, a woman with a glass eye, has the bad luck to be the victim of an assault witnessed by Rafael, a goodhearted butcher, who rescues her from her attacker, a man named Daniel.

Otra ciudad Trailer (2010)

19 September 2010

Heroína Trailer (2005)

04 May 2005

In the 1980's, Pilar, an ordinary woman, married, about forty years, discovers that one of their three children are addicted to heroin.

Searching for Love Trailer (2005)

28 January 2005

When Ana married Felix, the leader of a rock band and son of a travel agent, she thought her life would be plenty of excitement and travels.

Sleeping luck Trailer (2003)

21 November 2003

Amparo, a lawyer working as an advisor in an insurance company in Madrid is grieving over a traumatic event in her past.