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Anna Galiena (born 22 December 1954) is an Italian actress, best known to English-speaking audiences for her appearances in Le Mari de la coiffeuse, Jamón, jamón and Being Human. her youth, Galiena starred in numerous off and on-Broadway shows, including several revivals of Shakespeare plays. She had made over a dozen films, mainly in her native Italy before her role in Le Mari de la coiffeuse brought her to international attention. She went on to appear in Bigas Luna's Jamón, jamón and went on to make her mainstream Hollywood debut in the Bill Forsyth-directed Being Human starring Robin Williams. The film was, however, a massive flop. Since then, Galiena has worked in European cinema, where she is consistently in demand. With over 50 films and many television appearances to her credit, she currently has several films in production, including a prominent supporting role in the film Virgin Territory, starring Hayden Christensen and Mischa Barton. She stars alongside Joaquim de Almeida and Ben Gazzara in the thriller Christopher Roth. In 2007 she was a member of the jury at the 29th Moscow International Film Festival

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Our Summer in Provence Trailer (2014)

02 April 2014

Lea, Adrian, and their little brother Theo, born deaf, go on holiday in Provence with their grandfather, Paul "Oliveron" they never met because of a family quarrel.

You Can't Save Yourself Alone Trailer (2015)

05 March 2015

Like Crazy Trailer (2016)

17 May 2016

Beatrice is a blabbermouth and a so-called billionaire countess who likes to believe she’s in intimacy with world leaders.

Jamon Jamon Trailer (1992)

03 September 1992

Jose Luis is an executive at his parents underwear factory where his girlfriend Sylvia works on the shop floor.

The Leading Man Trailer (1996)

12 December 1996

Successful playwright Felix Webb has a new play, 'The Hit Man', in rehearsal. Directed by his old friend Humphrey, it is already being hailed as a masterpiece; but Felix can't enjoy his success.

The Hairdresser's Husband Trailer (1990)

03 October 1990

The film begins in a flashback from the titular character, Antoine. We are introduced to his fixation with female hairdressers which began at a young age.

Being Human Trailer (1994)

06 May 1994

One man must learn the meaning of courage across four lifetimes centuries apart.

Moses Trailer (1995)

20 December 1995

An ordinary man is called upon by God to do the impossible in this lovingly told production of the Old Testament story.

Scrivilo sui muri Trailer (2007)

21 September 2007

Quiet Days in Clichy Trailer (1990)

09 May 1990

Expatriate Henry Miller indulges in a variety of sexual escapades while struggling to establish himself as a serious writer in Paris.

Black Angel Trailer (2002)

12 April 2002

March 1945 Asolo, Italy. Livia Mazzion, the attractive wife of a top ministry official, slips into the car of lawyer Ugo Oggiano, Livia's admirer and her husband's informer.

Cuestión de suerte Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

In the Spanish neo-noir film Question of Luck Julio (Eduardo Noriega) is at a turning point in his life.

Moisés: Vol. I Los Años del Exilio Trailer (1996)

22 September 1996

Fade to Black Trailer (2006)

09 March 2006

Still reeling from the painful breakup of his marriage to screen siren Rita Hayworth, iconic filmmaker Orson Welles (Danny Huston) makes his way to Rome, where he gets pulled into a tangled political plot involving murder and mysterious motives.

Stay Away from Me Trailer (2013)

14 November 2013

Jacopo (Enrico Brignano) has a serious problem. He may be a brilliant marriage guidance counsellor, but he can never manage to have a steady relationship for more than two weeks.

The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 3: From Sark to the Finish Trailer (2004)

06 September 2004

The Tulse Luper Suitcases reconstructs the life of Tulse Luper, a professional writer and project-maker, caught up in a life of prisons.

Christopher Roth Trailer (2010)

10 April 2010

A horror novelist begins to fear his stories may have a life of their own.

La viuda del capitán Estrada Trailer (1991)

06 September 1991

After the Second World War, the United Nations has declared the blockade of Franco's Spain. In this historical context, for a time little known, lies the story of the widow of a Spanish army captain.

Il grande cocomero Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

An epileptic 12-year-old girl, Pippi, is hospitalized in the psychiatric ward instead of the neurological ward, due to an administration error.

Three Lives and Only One Death Trailer (1996)

15 May 1996

Raoul Ruiz’s enthralling thriller is made up of four intertwining stories of bizarre occurrences in Paris featuring a man who was stolen away by fairies, a professor who becomes a tramp, the lovers who inherit a chateau – and the last tale that connects all that has gone before.

Destiny Ride Trailer (2008)

02 April 2008

Une prostituée de luxe, un juge d'instruction arriviste, une journaliste idéaliste... Trois cultures différentes, trois êtres n'ayant pas les mêmes valeurs.

Vittorio racconta Gassman: Una vita da mattatore Trailer (2010)

01 September 2010

La scuola Trailer (1995)

06 April 1995

Moisés: Vol. II La Tierra Prometida Trailer (1996)

22 September 1996

Mario and the Magician Trailer (1994)

15 December 1994

The Twenties: The German Fuhrmann family spend their holidays in Italy again. The country is full of mysteries in that time.

Excellent Cadavers Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

Fact based story about the political battle that was waged against the Mafia in Sicily during the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Off Key Trailer (2001)

16 November 2001

A trio of opera singers are reunited by a wedding ten years after their stormy breakup.

Dirty Vivancos III Trailer (2002)

07 June 2002

My Summer in Provence Trailer (2014)

01 May 2014

Flying Lessons Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

A pair of teenage classmates known as "Chicken" and "Curry" for the fact that they are virtually inseparable attempt to cover for the fact that they both failed their high school finals by claiming that "Curry" is in the midst of an identity crisis that can only be solved by returning to his homeland of India with his Jewish best friend.

Ultimatum Trailer (2009)

30 September 2009

Hotel Colonial Trailer (1987)

08 January 1987

Marco Veniera goes to Bogota, Columbia to find his brother, Luca who supposedly committed suicide. In his search, he meets fiery and exotic Irene Costa, who leads him into the depths of the Amazon jungle.

Un amore su misura Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

The Do-Gooders Trailer (2005)

19 October 2005

Three former bank robbers are meeting after 25 years...

Mosca addio Trailer (1987)

09 February 1987

Mejor que Nunca Trailer (2009)

23 January 2009

Sleeping Around Trailer (2008)

03 March 2008

A look at life through the lens of sexuality, in a world that has lost its soul and the ability to love.

Guido che sfidò le Brigate Rosse Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Part 2: Vaux to the Sea Trailer (2004)

09 February 2004

The Tulse Luper Suitcases reconstructs the life of Tulse Luper, a professional writer and project-maker, caught up in a life of prisons.

Il veterinario Trailer (2005)

30 January 2005

L'écrivain public Trailer (1993)

03 November 1993

Jacques asks a public writer to compose love letters for a beautiful stranger that he pretends he has just met.

3 Trailer (1996)

04 October 1996

L'Atlantide Trailer (1992)

30 December 1992

A mythical land who must be discover. Or invented. In an impressive library, two old men. One is a great Polish archaeologist at the end of his work.

Unpredictable Nature of the River Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

Nobleman Jean-Francois de la Plaine is exiled to serve as governor of a West African colony.

Senza pelle Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

Amor nello specchio Trailer (1999)

14 November 1999

L'argent Trailer (1988)

18 October 1988

Saccard, ready to use all means, however immoral or illegal, tries to gain back the fortune he lost three years ago.

Rorret Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

Anna and her slacker boyfriend go to work for the creepy, reclusive Joseph Rorret, who's just opened a movie theater that plays only classic English-language thrillers.

La fée carabine Trailer (1988)

06 October 1988

Vieille Canaille Trailer (1993)

06 January 1993

Puro cashmere Trailer (1986)

05 December 1986