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Three Night Stand Trailer (2013)

06 December 2013

A man's plans for a romantic weekend go awry when he learns that his ex-girlfriend, whom he still secretly loves, manages the ski lodge where he and his wife are staying.

Streetheart Trailer (1998)

14 September 1998

Louise is living in Montreal, unemployed. Her sister Paulette often gives her a hard time. She only gets to see her poetry-quoting married boyfriend Julien once a week.

Endorphine Trailer (2015)

11 September 2015

Twelve-year-old Simone feels painfully disconnected from the world after witnessing the brutal death of her mother.

An Extraordinary Person Trailer (2013)

13 September 2013

A 30 year-old scholar, intelligent and beautiful yet socially crippled, is forced to attend a bachelorette party where her quest for authenticity leads to an unavoidable confrontation with old acquaintances.

Miss Météo Trailer (2005)

09 October 2005

Myriam Monette, a not very conformist and slightly whimsical Miss Weatherwoman, is now forty years old, has a new boyfriend and a new mandate at Channel Météo (also called Channel M).

Maman Last Call Trailer (2005)

11 February 2005

False Movement Trailer (2015)

28 January 2015

Victor feels adrift. Uprooted by his mother from Paris to his new home in Quebec City, he's still reeling from the recent death of his father.

See How They Dance Trailer (2011)

03 August 2011

A French video artist traverses Canada on a train that takes her from the east to the west through the snow.

Séraphin: Heart of Stone Trailer (2002)

01 December 2002

Séraphin unfolds against the severe and achingly beautiful landscape of rural Quebec in 1889, where young lovers are torn from each other when a bankrupt shopkeeper forces his daughter into an arranged marriage to save his business.

Far Side of the Moon Trailer (2003)

09 September 2003

After the death of his mother, a man tries to discover a meaning to his life, to the universe and to rebuild a relationship with the only family he has left: his brother.

How My Mother Gave Birth to Me During Menopause Trailer (2003)

07 February 2003

Le génie du crime Trailer (2006)

02 November 2006

Nô Trailer (1998)

26 May 1998

Robert Lepage directed this Canadian comedy, filmed in black and white and color and adapted from Lepage's play The Seven Branches of the River Ota.

Le bonheur c'est une chanson triste Trailer (2004)

11 May 2004