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Man Is a Woman Trailer (1998)

11 March 1998

Simon Eskenazy is a gay Parisian clarinet player who lives his single life to the fullest. One day, he receives a very tempting offer from his homophobic uncle, looking to continue the family legacy – if he gets married and has a child, he will receive ten million francs and inherit his uncle's luxurious mansion.

Cinderella Once Upon A Time In The West Trailer (2012)

18 July 2012

This modern take on Cinderella is set to the backdrop of the Wild West featuring a new cast of furry and feathered friends.

La Folle histoire d'amour de Simon Eskenazy Trailer (2009)

03 December 2009

Dix ans après L'Homme est une femme comme les autres, Simon Eskenazy est devenu un grand interprète de musique traditionnelle juive.

Love Bites Trailer (2001)

21 March 2001

Antoine is a social wannabe who drops an elusive aristocrat's name to get into an exclusive party. The name - Jordan - gets him whisked by two burly bodyguards into the office of the host, von Bulow, who won't accept Antoine's admission of lying, gives him $100,000, and promises $900,000 more when led to Jordan.

A Perfect Friend Trailer (2006)

26 April 2006

Coluche, L'histoire d'un Mec Trailer (2008)

15 October 2008

No overview found.

The Color of Lies Trailer (1999)

13 January 1999

In a small Breton town, a 10-year-old girl is found murdered. René, her art teacher, a professional painter, is the last person to have seen her alive.

Monsieur N. Trailer (2003)

15 January 2003

This film covers the last years of the Emperor's life, imprisoned by the British on St Helena, a remote island off the west coast of Africa.

Yann Piat: A Chronicle of Murder Trailer (2012)

16 April 2012

February 25, 1994, Yann Piat is executed at point blank range by two gunmen on a motorcycle. Its first victories for the FN in 1986 to his ambition in 1994 to take the town hall of Hyères under the banner of the UDF, Yann Piat methods and a speech that upset both policies, businessmen, and middle.

Twice Upon a Time Trailer (2006)

08 November 2006

48 Hours a Day Trailer (2008)

04 June 2008

A young professional woman takes radical action to force her husband's help with the household chores.

The Gods Must Be Daring Trailer (1997)

30 April 1997

A priceless statuette "Dancing God" is transfered from Africa to France. Scoundrels of all stripes are dreaming of steeling it.

Toqué de Tokyo Trailer (2010)

15 November 2010

Blanche Trailer (2002)

18 September 2002

Baba de Barcelone Trailer (2011)

25 October 2011

Dangereuses retrouvailles Trailer (2013)

19 April 2013

En tatanes à Manhattan Trailer (2012)

07 November 2012

Eleven years after the trauma of Sept. 11 , Antoine de Caunes, is going to take the pulse of New York and check if the metropolis is still the center of global creativity.

Two Dads and One Mom Trailer (1996)

24 April 1996

Jérôme and Delphine want a child but Jerome is sterile. They then ask the best friend of Jerome, Salim, to be the donor for artificial insemination of the mother.

Amnesty International's Big 30 Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

In the tradition of the acclaimed series of British concerts known as The Secret Policemen's Ball, Amnesty International celebrates its 50th Anniversary live at Radio City Music Hall.

Tu peux garder un secret ? Trailer (2008)

07 May 2008

De Caunes-Garcia - Le meilleur de Nulle part ailleurs 2 ... suite et fin ! Trailer (2005)

31 October 2005

En Berline à Berlin Trailer (2009)

09 November 2009

Return to Algiers Trailer (2000)

12 April 2000

Famous TV news anchorman Pierre Nivel left Algiers for France in 1962. That's been a secret; his Paris co-workers have never known that he was formerly an Algerian pied noir.

Les amants du bagne Trailer (2005)

31 January 2005

De Caunes-Garcia - Le meilleur de Nulle part ailleurs Trailer (2004)

24 September 2004

Since 7 years, Antoine de Caunes et José Garcia made mark on comedy french history each evening in prime-time on "Nulle part Ailleurs" show.

Chili con carne Trailer (1999)

29 September 1999

Bob le magnifique Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998