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The Seagull Trailer (2018)

11 May 2018

At a picturesque lakeside estate, a love triangle unfolds between the legendary diva Irina, her lover Boris, and the ingénue Nina.

Vanya on 42nd Street Trailer (1994)

13 September 1994

An uninterrupted rehersal of Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" played out by a company of actors. The setting is their run down theater with an unusable stage and crumbling ceiling.

August Trailer (1996)

08 August 1996

Set in 1890s North Wales over a long, hot August weekend, the Victorian calm of a household is suddenly upset with the arrival of a London couple who impose their city ways and thoughts on the more rurally based family.

An Unfinished Piece for Player Piano Trailer (1977)

05 September 1977

At the dilapidated country estate of Anna Petrovna Voinitseva, a group of feckless Russian aristocrats whiles away a summer afternoon.

Dark Eyes Trailer (1987)

01 February 1987

Aboard a ship early in the 20th-century, a middle-aged Italian tells his story of love to a Russian. In a series of flashbacks filmed almost entirely in creams, whites, and ochers, the clownish and superfluous Romano Patroni leaves his wife's opulent home to visit a spa where he falls in love with a Russian woman whose marriage is a horror.

Uncle Vanya Trailer (1970)

29 December 1970

Andrei Konchalovsky’s Uncle Vanya surely has the greatest claim as the best screen adaptation of a Chekhov play.

Lady with the Dog Trailer (1960)

28 January 1960

On holiday in Yalta, Muscovite banker Dimitri Gurov contrives to meet a young woman who walks her dog.

Platonow Trailer (2015)

12 December 2015

Ward No. 6 Trailer (2009)

06 June 2009

Simultaneously nihilistic and heartening, Ward No. 6 is based on a story by Chekov, in which a psychiatric doctor becomes a patient in his own asylum.

l'Auto-stoppeur Trailer (2017)

03 January 2017

Three Sisters Trailer (1970)

01 April 1970

Laurence Olivier's film of Chekhov's play.

All Forgotten Trailer (2001)

18 September 2001

A younger boy falls in love with a tragic girl who flirts with, and manipulates, her older suitors in 1800s Russia.

Anton Chekhov's The Duel Trailer (2010)

28 April 2010

Set in a seaside resort in the Caucasus, the story centers on n'er do well, Laevsky (Andrew Scott) and his illicit relationship with his mistress Nadya (Fiona Glascott).

The Anna Cross Trailer (1954)

01 January 1954

Based on the short story by A. P. Chekhov. To save her family from disgrace and hunger, a young dowe

The Cherry Orchard Trailer (1981)

13 October 1981

Madame Ranevsky and her daughter Anya return home from Paris to find that their beloved family estate and cherry orchard are to be auctioned off to pay debts.

Ward Six Trailer (1973)

01 January 1973

A study of the mental breakdown of a doctor in a remote rural village. He believes himself intellectually superior to everyone except for a political prisoner in a mental ward.

A Hunting Accident Trailer (1978)

31 July 1978

An aristocrat falls for a young woman who brings him ruin. Based on Chekhov's story.

A Misfortune Trailer (1973)

13 January 1973

Ken Loach production, shown as one segment of BBC2's arts programme 'Full House'.

The Three Sisters Trailer (1970)

18 January 1970

In a small Russian town at the turn of the century, three sisters (Olga, Irina, and Masha) and their brother Andrei live but dream daily of their return to their former home in Moscow, where life is charming and stimulating meaningful.

Agafia Trailer (2015)

29 November 2015

The Seagull Trailer (1977)

01 April 1977

Marco Bellocchio's film of Chekhov's SEAGULL for Italian television.

The Sea Gull Trailer (1968)

23 December 1968

Film adaptation of Anton Chekhov's story of life in rural Russia during the latter part of the 19th century.

Platonov Trailer (1971)

23 May 1971

The title character is a married provincial schoolmaster and a notorious philanderer. He is a russian Don Juan except that he himself doesn't seek to seduce; the women around him simply find him irresistibly attractive, and he is only too happy to go along.

Fish Day Trailer (1983)

01 January 1983

The funny story of fish lover Abdulali.

About Love Trailer (2004)

08 November 2004

A sad story about life and love as it told by Grigori Stepanovich Smirnov who is trying to find what caused the suicide of young 15 years old Volodya.

The Seagull Trailer (1978)

05 February 1978

The Seagull is about the natural tendency to seek love in the wrong places. Masha is in love with the playwright Constantin, who is in love with Nina.

The Wedding Trailer (1961)

17 October 1961

Class distinctions, inferiority complexes, and social climbing abound as the bride, groom, and their families gather for a wedding banquet.

Love and Fear Trailer (1988)

19 April 1988

An adaptation of a classic "Three Sisters" play by Anton Chekhov.

Three Sisters Trailer (2015)

04 September 2015

For her latest project, commissioned by Arte and starring members of the Comédie-Française, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (A Castle in Italy, Rendez-Vous 2014) shot an idiosyncratic, half-modernized adaptation of one of Chekhov’s greatest, most expansively melancholy plays.

Romance with a Double Bass Trailer (1974)

01 January 1974

A bassist shows up early for the betrothal ball of a beautiful princess, and whiles away the time having a dip in the river.

Romance with a Double Bass Trailer (1911)

16 November 1911

Princess Bibulova decides to go fishing along the river, while not far away, a musician leaves his two companions to go for a swim.

It Can Pass Through the Wall Trailer (2014)

05 June 2014

An old man tries to play backgammon with friends while babysitting his granddaughter, who's terrified of the young suicide in their building.

The Grasshopper Trailer (1955)

01 April 1955

The Russian-made Grasshopper is based on a story by Anton Chekhov. The characters are divided into two camps: A group of artistically inclined "butterflies," and a team of stone-serious scientists.

The Wood Demon Trailer (1974)

17 November 1974

A luncheon party gathers to celebrate a wealthy unmarried man's birthday; his sister hopes he'll marry Sonya, the daughter of a selfish gout-ridden old professor who makes life Hell for his son George and his young wife, Helen.

The Seagull Trailer (1972)

14 February 1972

A story based on the famous play by Anton Chekhov.

Ragin Trailer (2004)

23 December 2004

Based on a short story "Ward No. 6" by Anton Chekhov.

Uncle Vanya Trailer (1991)

12 October 1991

Uncle Vanya is a tragic comedy of lost hopes, stifled passions and wasted lives. Vanya is a bitter, sarcastic man, obsessed with his wasted years and what might have been.

Ivanov Trailer (2009)

06 June 2009

A drama based on a classic short story by Anton Chekhov.

Uncle Vanya Trailer (1957)

13 December 1957

A country doctor (Franchot Tone) loves but cannot have a professor's wife (Clarence Derwent) in Chekhov's play set in czarist Russia.

Joker Trailer (2017)

26 January 2017

russian comedy

The Duel Trailer (1973)

20 December 1973

Dramatic story about two young men, two intellectuals of the 1890th. It is a story about a complex human character.

Surgery Trailer (1939)

06 June 1939

A short movie based on Anton Chekhov novels.

A Boring Story Trailer (1983)

12 September 1983

A professor of medicine, known and recognized, through a serious personal crisis. Used in teaching, feeling mentally and physically diminished, become cynical and disillusioned, he can no longer interested or his family or his work.

The Kiss Trailer (1983)

22 October 1983

The film is based on the short story by Anton Chekhov. Gentlemen invited to tea by the local landowner, a retired major-General von Rebbeca.

Le Rustre et le Juge Trailer (2015)

29 November 2015

Funny People Trailer (1977)

10 November 1977

Uncle Vanya Trailer (1970)

08 November 1970

Uncle Vanya is a tragic comedy of lost hopes, stifled passions and wasted lives. Vanya is a bitter, sarcastic man, obsessed with his wasted years and what might have been.

Hollywood Seagull Trailer (2013)

01 May 2013

An adaptation of the play by Anton Chekhov.

National Theatre Live: The Cherry Orchard Trailer (2011)

30 June 2011

Madame Ranevskaya is a spoiled, aging aristocratic lady who returns from a trip to Paris to face the loss of her magnificent Cherry Orchard estate after a default on the mortgage.

Soft-boiled boots Trailer (1978)

31 October 1978

The film is based on the stories Anton Chekhov. It is a tribute to the actor Boris Andreyev. He plays a major role that keeps up for the duration of the film.

Incredible Bet, or True Event That Ended Happily Hundred Years Ago Trailer (1984)

13 December 1984

A young student and a rich banker make a bet for two million rubles. On the condition of the wager, the student was to spend 15 years in solitary confinement.

About Love Trailer (2006)

29 April 2006

Kairat, a teacher of mathematics, accidentally meets Aslar, along with whom he studied in university.

Il prigioniero Trailer (1978)

01 January 1978

Italian TV movie. Based upon a novel by Anton Chekhov.

In the Town of S. Trailer (1967)

25 May 1967

A portrait of a Russian community in the late 19th century based on Chekhov's stories, featuring the author as observer and narrator.

Måsen Trailer (1959)

20 November 1959

This quintessential Chekhov drama--his first success--is both comic and tragic. A group of friends and relations gather at a country estate to see the first performance of an experimental play written and staged by the young man of the house, Konstantin, an aspiring writer who dreams of bringing new forms to the theatre.

An Artist's Story Trailer (1974)

02 February 1974

An Artist's Story concerns the confrontation of ideas between Anton, a young landscape painter, and Lydia, a young aristocratic girl who devotes her life to good works.

The Steppe Trailer (1962)

06 March 1962

Based on a Anton Chekhov short story, this slight tale has some good moments as the drama of a young boy's journey unfolds.

The Cherry Orchard Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

Madame Ranevskaya (Rampling) is a spoiled aging aristocratic lady, who returns from a trip to Paris to face the loss of her magnificent Cherry Orchard estate after a default on the mortgage.

The Cherry Orchard Trailer (1962)

17 April 1962

Madame Ranevsky and her daughter Anya return home from Paris to find that their beloved family estate and cherry orchard are to be auctioned off to pay debts.

Nina Trailer (2000)

01 August 2000

Based on Anton Chekhov's play.